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UPDATE! BREAKING NEWS: Arabian Nights Jackpot Hit, 3rd Jackpot in a week!

Published on by Adam

If I could, I would leave this entire post blank as I am absolutely speechless. But that wouldn’t be much of a read for you guys so I’ll try and work through my shock and write a few words about this latest breaking news: Arabian Nights jackpot has also been hit! So much for my ‘Arabian Nights is now the biggest jackpot post‘ . I think this is what the kids call a *facepalm*!

We don’t yet know where the jackpot fell, which casino or where the player came from. Occasionally we hear a little whisper but so far nothing has reached us, we’ll be sure to let you know if we do. From my researching a few days ago, I believe the jackpot should have been around €2.6 million, perhaps a little more depending on how quickly it was rising and how many people were playing it.


So we have been reliably informed that this 3rd jackpot of the week was hit by a player at Guts casino. Not unsurprisingly it was hit by a Swedish player (they love Netent games!) but somewhat unusually it was hit by a woman, Monica! The majority of all online slots players are men, so it’s nice to know that there are some women enjoying, and winning at, these games too!

Monica was lucky enough to win €2,633,052 last night, without even realising it- would you believe that? Monica wasn’t concentrating on the ‘win’ section at the bottom of the slot, which tells you how much you just won, but instead saw the symbols appear, knew she’d had a nice win, span a bit more than toddled off to bed. It wasn’t until Guts called her to congratulate her on her win that she realised exactly what had happened.

Robin Reed, Managing Director of Guts stated;

“This is truly a remarkable day. We love to celebrate winners at Guts and this is the largest win we have ever had the pleasure of celebrating. We are so happy for Monica who has been playing at Guts since the start and we look forward to making more millionaires in the future. Well done Monica!”

And of course, the question we all want to know…

What Will Monica Do With The Winnings?!

“I will pay off my home loan, help out my children and my grandchildren, donate some money to charity and then enjoy a little travelling with my family.”

You sound like a woman after my own heart Monica, and I truly hope you enjoy this wonderful windfall.

3 winners, 1 week.

But why the shock? Jackpots can fall any time! The shock comes from the fact that this is the 3rd Netent jackpot hit in 6 days! At the weekend both Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods blew up on two lucky players and now, less than a week later, the final pooled jackpot also makes someones day (or life!).

This has to be a record year for Netent jackpot hits, Hall of Gods reached a record total for that slot and now, this is surely a record week with over €11 million paid out to 3 different players in less than 7 days!

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