BREAKING NEWS: Metro Play + 666Bet Cease Operations

Published on 4 May 2015 by Rhi

BREAKING NEWS: Metro Play + 666Bet Cease OperationsBack in March we reported how Metro Play and 666Bet had had their casino licenses suspended after the arrest of their company director on alleged tax fraud. Both their UK and Alderney licenses were suspended pending investigation however it has now been confirmed that Metro Play will cease trading.

What Does This Mean for Their Customers?

If you have an account with Metro Play or 666Bet then you may be wondering how this affects you, especially if you have funds in your account and right now it’s quite hard to say. Both sites are currently online, however the option to register or signup has (luckily!) been removed. I also imagine that the ability to deposit (once logged in) has also been deactivated however I am not able to check that myself and if it is still working, please do not deposit. 

I imagine the reason the unlicensed Metro Play and 666Bet sites are online is so that existing players can login and request the withdrawal of their balance. I have been informed that withdrawals will be processed via Skrill, however I’m not aware what the alternative is if you do not have an account with Skrill and do not wish to open one. I’d suggest logging in and seeing what withdrawal options are available to you.

Will I Get My Money From Metro Play?

I wish I knew the answer, I really do. They’ve been plagued with issues for a while now and after their suspension there was a lot of conflicting information about how, when and if players were going to get their money back. The licensing bodies stated they had not stopped Metro Play paying their customers back and in fact stated it should be done ASAP, whereas Metro Play advised that they weren’t able to pay back the funds until the licenses were reinstated.

The fact that the sites are online and can be logged into is a good sign, so I’d recommend logging in as soon as possible and withdrawing the entire balance. Understand that all their players (with active balances) will be doing this right now so payments might take a while to be processed, so do try to be patient.

What Next?

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