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Can it ever pay to lose on slot games?

Published on by Adam

Can it ever pay to lost on slot games?For the simple fact that this article exists, it’s safe to presume that yes, it is possible that losing can, in fact, sometimes pay off. The pay-offs vary, of course, from financial to increased experience, and winning will still always be the aim of the game when it comes to paying slots. So how can it possibly pay to lose? Here are just a few ways:

Giving Back- Cashback Casinos

Where some casinos favour free spins or no deposit bonus cash, others prefer to reward those who are a little more adventurous with their cash. Calculated risk takers? This one is for you.

Casinos such as PlayOJO, Codeta And No Bonus Casino allow you to deposit your own cash and play however you wish, safe in the knowledge that, should you fail (or, at the very least, not win as much as you might like to), a healthy back-up amount will be sat waiting for collection. It varies from casino to casino, of course, but cashback amounts can be anywhere from 5% to 15% of your losses- within reason. We have a whole list of NetEnt Casinos offering cashback right here

High Stakes Betting Promotions

While many casino promotions are aimed at those who grab their free spins and run, others are tailored towards those who find a casino they love and stick with it- weathering the odd losing streak in the process. These betting promotions tend to be aimed towards high stakes players and run regularly on big-name sites with a loyal following, such as Unibet and Betsson

Playing for Keeps- VIPs

When it comes to inspiring loyalty, online casinos do it best. If you want players to return time and time again, there are some sure fire ways to guarantee their return: bonuses, favours and gifts.

It doesn’t need to come in the form of crisp bank notes, but when players who are important to casinos in terms of cash flow lose big, online casinos are only too aware that they could well opt to cut their losses and skip out to another online venue to satiate their urge to spin (unless they make it worth their while, of course).

Again, VIP programmes vary from casino to casino, but high rollers depositing thousands of euros per month can safely expect that, if their account is valued by the casino they choose to play at, large losses will be recouped in part one way or another.

Learn From Your Mistakes: Adopting Slot Strategies

To use an old adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And this works with slots too! Sure, the odd big loss may have you avoiding your mobile for a week, but it may be that some time away will give you time to work on your slot playing strategy.

When Losing Means Winning

In conclusion- yes, while it may not be your ideal preference, it can occasionally pay to lose on slot games. Most importantly, of course, if you’re playing the slots that you love, it’s likely you’re not only in it for the financial wins. The adrenaline, enjoyment of the sights, sounds and anticipation of hitting those elusive bonus rounds all contribute to an enjoyable playing experience- win or lose.

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