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Can you guess what we have that no other Net Entertainment fan page has?

Published on by Adam

Perhaps it's about the upcoming Netent video slot South Park?We’ve got something about Netent almost nobody else has… And with these words we know we’ve already “tickled” your curiosity and sparked your interest and now you’re dying to know what we’ve got that practically nobody else has. But we won’t tell. Not yet.
Maybe you think it’s about a profitable Netent casino bonus or news about Net Entertainment software. Or about a new way to pay in your favorite Netent online wagering establishments or about one of Netent’s latest product releases, the Netent Live Casino. You even might think we’re bluffing… That we’re only saying we’ve got something while we really haven’t got anything. Well, we might be, we might be not… You’ll only find out if you…

Actually we got loads of things nobody else has. We’ve got loads of knowledge about the company Net Entertainment Productions, about the fantastic casino games they develop, about the online Netent Casinos that offer them, about their deposit and withdrawal methods, about their customer services, about… the list is endless. And it all has to do exclusively with the world’s leading casino software developing company of which products we are huge fans.

What’s more, we also want to share what we have got and that’s of course why we daily bring you our Netent knowledge in these news articles and the only thing you have to do is to daily read them.

“But then why all the secretive mystery and suspense right now?”, we can hear you think, “why keep us all warmed up and even burning with curiosity?”.

That’s actually just because we’re all about Net Entertainment Productions and in the same way the Swedish/Maltese casino software developing company creates games in which the anticipating excitement of a possible big win is prevalent, we also like to create situations in which you’re not sure of the result but apparently it’s worth to go on and to try to find out.

But we won’t tease you any longer and reveal what we’ve got (almost) nobody else has got.

Because at the last ICE (= International Casino Exhibition) in London one month ago, we’ve managed to get some images of the newest branded Netent video slot South Park that’s due to appear in the Netent Casinos in autumn this year. And because of the overwhelming appreciating responses we received from our readers after we’ve shown this video impression the first time over here (and after hundreds of requests to do so again as apparently we’re the only one who has it) we’ve decided to let you enjoy it again as you can see below.

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