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Casino Customer Service Done Right: New Netent Casino BetSpin

Published on by Adam

Casino Customer Service Done Right: New Netent Casino BetSpinBetspin are a very recent addition for us. They only launched in Feb 2015, so they are a brand new casino, but the hype has been building around them since late last year. They have a wonderful ethos and seem fully focused on the customer, which is what we always like to see. When it comes to adding a new casino to our listings, we have a lot of information to find and facts to check. We can do this all manually, but that would take us hours. Often we get in touch with the affiliate team who send us everything we need, but sometimes I like to grab their support team on helpdesk to see how helpful they really are, and with BetSpin I was blown away.

I spoke to a lovely chap called Magnus who patiently answered all my questions. He kept straight to the point- so often it can be hard to get a straight proper answer from online casino customer support, but he was perfectly obliging. He didn’t simply send me links with a ‘look yourself’ attitude, he sent me helpful links and even pasted the bits I might find useful. In fact, there wasn’t a single question he wasn’t able to answer, and when he wasn’t 100% sure, he found out.

My questions were fairly standard, about the basic running and setup of the site, but in my experience, it’s usually the simple stuff that the customer support helpdesk doesn’t know. Ask them what countries are restricted and they tell you to read the terms and conditions, this is because not only do they not know (and there’s no shame in that, there can be a lot to remember!) but they also don’t know where to even find the info, yet they expect you to wade through it all. Not at BetSpin;

There are several of course, but easiest to check the Terms and Conditions since its hard for me to have it in the head, I mean all of them.

Its point 4 under
I could cut and paste though. 🙂

United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria and Yemen or other restricted jurisdictions as communicated by from time to time.

That’s a more fully comprehensive answer than I ever could have expected and it made my job of finding each country and ticking it in our review, a hundred times easier. As a Netent fansite, a lot of our review focus is on the Netent offering, so I was keep to find out exactly how many Netent slots they had. This one is often tricky and I get answers like ‘urm… lots’ or ‘probably all of them’ which doesn’t help so much when I’m building a facts page. But Magnus at BetSpin knocked it out of the park once more;

I will check, one moment.
58 slots on desktop, 10 table games, 9 live casino, 77 total on desktop and 28 on mobile.

It’s so rare to get such helpful, to the point and friendly customer support from an online casino that I thought it was absolutely worth a post to itself. If you’re sick of crappy customer service, head on over to BetSpin and do your gaming safe in the knowledge that help really is there if you need it.

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