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Casino Heroes Brings Better Boss Fights and Ruby Store

Published on by Adam

Casino Heroes Brings Better Boss Fights and Ruby StoreCasino Heroes has been listening to its players and, as a result, things are changing on Hero Island! Heroes can look forward to even better boss fights and an overhauled points currency system, called Rubies, to spend on goodies to help them along on

their heroic journey through the different regions of Hero Island.

Boss Fights 2.0

The King of Hero Island has been paying close attention to what his Heroes have been saying. As a result, players can now enjoy Boss Fights 2.0! For the uninitiated, Boss Fights go something like this – players fill up their Ruby meter (more on Rubies later), until they fill it completely and then they face the Boss.

Each area of the island is being terrorized by a different boss – scary monsters with names like Willie the Giant, Diamond Dwarf and the gothic Drusilla. Once they reach the next Boss, players are presented with a grid, where they pick boxes to open. Some of these contain weapons, others health points, Free Spins, Mega Hero Spins and Rubies.

Weapons can be deadly – the bomb, for instance, causes 3 damage points – but they can also be comical, like the fish. Any treasures that players find are theirs to keep should they win the Boss Fight, which happens when the opponent runs out of health points first.

Spending Rubies

What’s a player to do with that heap of jewels they’ve just won in a Boss Fight? Why, spend them of course!

Head over to the Casino Heroes Ruby Store and trade your hard-earned valuables in for free spins on your favourite games. The free spins you trade for will show up in your Treasure Chest for use at your convenience.

Keep in mind that you can also earn Rubies, which replace the old system of XP, as you progress throughout the different areas of Hero Island, while playing games. So save up those shiny Rubies and spend them on spins!

Welcome to Hero Island

Casino Heroes is offering 20 no-deposit free spins on the wildly popular Jimi Hendrix slots for all new sign-ups. That’s right – try out this incredibly popular NetEnt game just for becoming a member. Don’t forget to choose your personal Hero avatar!

Casino Heroes also offers a pretty generous deposit bonus on players’ first deposit – get up to 250 free spins credited to your account when making that first deposit, depending on the deposit amount. Bigger deposit mean more free spins!

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