Casino Heroes Launches Their New TV Commercial!

Published on 25 August 2015 by Rhi

To go along with their recent rebranding from Casino Saga to Casino Heroes, Casino Heroes have just launched a huge advert campaign across Swedish TV. Online casino advertising is huge in Sweden right now. You can’t walk past a bus stop without a 6 foot casino advert, can’t listen to the TV or radio for more than 15 mins without hearing something online casino related and Casino Heroes are using this coverage in order to push their innovative casino and get their shiny new name out there.

Unlike most online casino TV adverts, Casino Heroes haven’t used the 20 seconds to be aggressive, to shout and dazzle you with bold colours. They’ve simply shown you their world. You see a beautiful shot of the fictional islands that their Heroes (that’s you!) are exploring, as well as crisp 3D images of the characters you can choose to be.

The visuals are, quite frankly, stunning and more like a high budget film trailer, something you could really lose yourself in, enjoying the fantasy element.

Play at Casino Heroes and beat the bosses, win their treasures and lots of money in our award winning casino. Become a hero and take part of the excitement and the treasures. Are you ready? The adventure begins at Casino Heroes…

You can really tell, even from this short video, just how action packed the casino experience can be and exactly how different Casino Heroes is from most other online casino sites. They give a teaser taste of the unique features they offer such as the evil bosses, who you can challenge and, if successful, be rewarded with extra prizes like bonuses and free spins. Explore the islands simply by playing your favourite online slots, gathering treasure (well, winnings) along the way, whilst beating the bosses for even more fun freebies.


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