Casino Saga Becomes Casino Heroes: What Does it Mean For me?

Published on 18 July 2015 by Rhi

Casino Saga Becomes Casino Heroes: What Does it Mean For me?We recently announced how Casino Saga had confirmed that they would be changing their name to Casino Heroes as of August 3rd. But today I wanted to address what this means for players who already have a Casino Saga account, in case you’re feeling confused, worried, or just want to know what this means for you.

What Does the Name Change to Casino Heroes Mean?

Basically, it doesn’t really mean anything. The name is changing, the url (address) will probably change, but the website and platform will be the same. There is no moving of accounts from one place to the other. Your player account wont be affected at all. One day you’ll log into the normal Casino Saga, the next day you’ll be automatically redirected to the new URL and your account will be there, just as ever. Same username and password, same account history, same balance, same points; same everything!

Why Did Casino Saga Change Their Name?

The name change comes after a dispute over the word ‘saga’, a dispute that Casino Heroes (formerly Casino Saga) didn’t want to focus on, as their main concern is simply providing the best product possible for their players. They decided to rebrand (to something even better, in my opinion!) and carry on doing what they love; offering an online casino with adventure around every corner.

The Same Amazing Site

They showed their dedication to their player recently by holding a vote on their new logo. They came up with a few different designs and let you, the players, decide which one to go for. This is just one way they show that their players are the most important people to them.

The more you play at Casino Heroes, the more areas of the site get unlocked, the more points you earn and the more bosses you get to face. Every time you face off against a boss you have the chance to pack your loot bag with free spins, bonuses, cash prizes and even more loyalty points. Their range of Netent slots is extensive, including almost all video slots, most local jackpots and even the huge pooled jackpots Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights.


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