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Casino Tips: Budget For Most Enjoyment

Published on by Adam

Casino Tips: Budget For Most EnjoymentMost other casino review sites like ours will try and encourage players to spend as much money as possible online, but here at we care about our readers and want them to enjoy the slot games on offer. Our biggest online casino tip to our readers is: know your limits and stay within them. There are so many ways you can do this and most online casinos even encourage setting limits on your account as soon as you signup to ensure your playing remains fun. After all, if you’re enjoying playing the slots, you’re more likely to continue playing and not end up closing your account in a rage one day after losing more than you planned.

Casino Tip: Keep it Fun

Everyone knows that online gaming is a perfectly fun and fine hobby to have. It’s fun, it’s exciting and when you win big, there is no better feeling, but of course there are risks. Sometimes you’ll have a bad day and will feel like nothing is coming in for you and it can be tempting to chase your losses and keep betting in the hope that a win comes in. It can be easy to come to rely on online slot playing for fun, or for cash, but these aren’t good behaviours as they take the fun out of the games, and can end up having a nasty affect on the rest of your life.


It’s so easy to ensure that your playing remains fun and most casinos have a range of different ways to do this. All licensed casinos must allow players the ability to set certain limits on their accounts. This can be a deposit limit, a betting limit or a loss limit for example. They’re all slightly different, so pick one that suits you and set a budget you’re happy with.

My casino tip is, when playing, always assume you’ll lose. Sounds negative, but that way you’ll never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you win, excellent, but if you don’t, no harm done!

Deposit Limit

Set a deposit limit, based on time. This is how much you’ll be able to deposit into your account within a given period, either per day, per week or per month. No matter if you win or lose, you wont be able to fund the account over this amount, until the time period has passed. For example, a €25 per week deposit limit means you can only deposit that amount in any 7 day period. Even if you win and make a withdrawal, if you’ve already deposited €25, you will have to wait 7 days to deposit again.

Betting Limit

A betting limit affects how much money you’re able to wager. If you love your bonuses, this limit isn’t for you as even if you have cash in the account, once you’ve reached your betting limit, you can no longer spin or bet at all. But if you have a tendency to bet whatever is in the account, rather than accepting a good win and withdrawing it, this is a great option.

Loss Limit

This is a great limit for people who want to be able to carry on betting and depositing when they’re winning, but want to limit how much they can lose. Find yourself betting more and more when you’re in a losing streak? Try a €20 per week loss limit and once you’ve hit that amount of losses, you wont be able to place any more bets.

Casino Tip: Know When to Stop

Sometimes, it’s a fact of life that gambling can become a problem. Just like eating too much chocolate or drinking. The only thing is, gambling is well regulated and there are so many options available to people who find gambling a problem. Set limits, as described above, or take a break. Taking a break can be tough, so why not go for a ‘self exclusion’ period? These can range from a few months, to six months, to a year, to permanently. If you select a six month self exclusion, you wont be able to log into your account until six months have passed, to give you some breathing space and a break from playing. Once the time is up you can either decide to get back into playing again (responsibly!) or else extend the period for as long as you need.

All casinos also have to have clear contact information for any players or friends and family of players who may be finding gambling is becoming an issue, so you’re well looked after and help is always at hand.

Remember: Just Have Fun!

Sometimes you lose, as long as you remember that going in and stop when you find yourself getting annoyed, there’s no reason why you can’t play slots as little or as often as you like and just have a great time playing all the games on offer to you.

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