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Casino Tips: Test the Theories

Published on by Adam

Casino Tips: Test the TheoriesThere are lots of systems, methods and theories out there for how to win at slot machines, how to win at card games and how to win at casinos. None are truly proven, but it can be fun to try some of them out and see if they work for you. You should remember that any animated game like a table game or slot machine is run on a random number generator so nothing you do can influence the results, they’re not based on past results and each new spin, or new round is completely new and random.

Casino Tips: Perfect Strategy

“Perfect Strategy” is misleadingly named as it’s not actually ‘perfect’ in the sense that you’re guaranteed to always win- that is never the case. But it does give you the best possible chance of winning any given hand at Blackjack, using mathematics, logic and chance. It’s basically a set of rules that says whether you should stand, hit, double or split depending on which cards you hold and which the dealer has.

Perfect strategy tells you what to do on any given hand. It’s not a guarantee to win, however gives you the best chance possible over time. Some example ‘rules’ in blackjack perfect strategy;

Your hand: 8
Dealer’s hand: 8
Casino Tip: you should HIT.

Your hand: 15
Dealer’s hand: 6
Casino Tip: you should STAND

Your hand: 15
Dealer’s hand: 7
Casino Tip: you should HIT.

Casino Tips: Simple Strategy

There are 7 simple, basic tips to help you decide what to do in various situations during blackjack. This is based on the version of Blackjack where the dealer has just one visible ‘up card’.

  1. Player: Stands on 13 AGAINST Dealer’s: 2 or 3.
  2. Player: Stands on 12 AGAINST Dealer’s: 4, 5 or 6.
  3. Player: Stands on 17 AGAINST Dealer’s: 7+.
  4. Double Down on 11 AGAINST Dealer’s: 10 or less.
  5. Double Down on 10 AGAINST Dealer’s 9 or less.
  6. Always split 8s (when you, the player, has two cards of 8).
  7. Always split aces.

Casino Tips: Martingale Betting System

This kind of system is a pretty risky one and one that probably does work in theory. But in order for it to work, you’d need an almost endless supply of cash behind you and if you had that much cash already, I don’t think you’d need to spend time and effort on this theory! The most basic theory is that a player should double their stake any time they lose, so that the first win will cover all previous losses plus bring a small profit.

For example:

  • Bet €1 and lose (running total -€1)
  • Bet €2 and lose (running total -€3)
  • Bet €4 and lose (running total -€7)
  • Bet €8 and win (running total +€1)

At small stakes like this it can be fun, however the amounts soon add up if you’re on a losing streak and, in my opinion, I’d rather just stick with a bet I’m comfortable with and make my money last much longer!

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