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CasinoEuro Europe’s Favorite Online (Netent) Casino?

Published on by Adam

Find out if CasinoEuro really is Europe's Favorite Netent Casino Normally here at the Netent Online Casino Guide we’re not very fond of boasting, bragging and/or self-glorification. If we were, you would read here all the time how complete and handy our Netent Online Casino guide is, how professional we are in bringing our readers the most lucrative and profitable Net Entertainment casino bonuses and how extraordinary handsome, kind and intelligent the staff-members of the guide are. So if CasinoEuro claims they’re “Europe’s Favorite Online Casino” we, pretty provoked, immediately think: “Cool it! We’ll be the judge of that!”, so read below our verdict.

As far as we’re concerned everybody can and may proclaim whatever they want about themselves. However, that doesn’t mean we will immediately accept their auto-reflective statements as being the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We rather see for ourselves if what’s expressed holds any verity and therefore can be confirmed and, if relevant, can be passed on to our readers.

In the case of CasinoEuro’s call we’ve got a slight little problem though. Because to determine if the statement depicts the reality we would need some substantial statistics about the number of CasinoEuro visitors, their demographic properties, their casino behavior, their casino perception etc. and unfortunately at this moment we don’t possess those scientific data.

Therefore to measure if CasinoEuro really lives up to its own exclamation of being “the most popular Netent Casino in Europe” we need to look at other parameters and benchmarks.

Because suppose CasinoEuro didn’t offer practically the complete Net Entertainment catalog of exciting casino games, and suppose they never ever once would organize a nice casino bonus for their players (in which case we, although still very handsome and intelligent, wouldn’t be writing about those casino promotions), and suppose CasinoEuro didn’t offer a variety of other casino gaming possibilities like poker and a Mobile and Live Casino… In that case the CasinoEuro “yell” of course would have to be considered as pure braggadocio.

Luckily that’s not the case, on the contrary, because at CasinoEuro everything is tip-top organized; from their user friendly website to all the big Netent jackpot slots they offer and from their efficient 24/7 available customer service to the various safe and reliable ways to transfer money to and from your casino account. Reason enough indeed to make CasinoEuro one of your favorite playgrounds too by opening an account at this versatile Netent Casino and, European favorite or not, enjoy their welcome bonus and extensive Net Entertainment gaming portfolio.

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