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CasinoEuro predicts the weather: torrential rains (of casino bonuses)

Published on by Adam

CasinoEuro predicts rains of casino bonuses during AprilWe never knew it before but apparently at CasinoEuro they’ve got some professional meteorologists working, who actually can predict the weather for the whole of the month of April. And while everybody in Europe still is recovering from the last chilly period, CasinoEuro predicts in April it will rain, rain and rain again, that is, torrential rains of nice casino bonuses of which we, clever as we are, can benefit twice.

“Nothing as changeable as the weather” my granddad always used to say and even with today’s most advanced technology it’s still hard to predict the weather for a coming week, let alone a complete month.

But at CasinoEuro they are in charge of the weather in their own online Netent Casino, especially as it comes to influencing the bonus climate in their wagering establishment. And so for April the CasinoEuro bonus weather charts tells it’s going to be pouring down all kinds of casino bonuses and promotions for us players to benefit from.

First of all CasinoEuro warns us to claim our Standard Monthly (reload) Bonus which consists of 30% on your first deposit this month (within its first 10 days) up to a maximum of € 30.

Second we advise you to also claim the same Standard Monthly Bonus at Harry Casino (that you can find on our Dutch Netent Online Casino Guide) as Harry Casino is the UK version of CasinoEuro and offers the same casino bonuses and promotions as CasinoEuro does. Of course you need to be registered at Harry Casino to be able to claim, so if you’re not you should register “on the double” to be a double beneficiary now and in the future.

Third we advise you to keep an eye on our news articles over here because during April there’s a lot more to get from both CasinoEuro as Harry Casino, about which casino bonus actions and promotions, rain or no rain, we will inform you again later this week.

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