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Casumo shows sneak preview of new and improved mobile casino!

Published on by Adam

Casumo Casino will soon launch its 'new and improved' Mobile CasinoOur ‘adventurous’ friends at Casumo Casino have announced they will soon launch their ‘new and improved’ Mobile Casino product. Today our readers can already have an exclusive (little) ‘sneak peak’ of how their ‘on-the-go-available’ casino will look like.

Casumo has most ‘appropriate’ mobile casino

As probably most of our readers know by now a (registered) player at Casumo Casino isn’t so much treated on a ‘simple’ NetEnt Casino gaming experience, but rather goes on a real ‘casino adventure’ or ‘journey’ by which the player ‘goes places’ through fulfilled casino gaming ‘challenges’ and by winning ‘trophies’.

Of course the longer the journey (meaning the more challenges successfully fulfilled and the more trophies won) the more rewarding the casino gets and therefore it’s no wonder many players will want to make the Casumo ‘trip’ also while ‘on the move’ in the Casumo mobile casino and on their iOS, Android or Windows operated device(s).

And as Casumo is an almost 100% complete ‘NetEnt’ casino (with only the NetEnt Mini Games missing, but even with a NetEnt Live Casino on offer and all NetEnt games with a locally or pooled jackpot available) it’s only logical (and highly ‘appropriate’) their mobile casino gaming section also includes all NetEnt Touch mobile playable games.

The new Casumo mobile casino ‘sneak preview’


Above image shows us (just a little bit) how the updated mobile casino at Casumo will look like when launched. More important however are the consequences of their new mobile gaming platform which are basically the following:

  • Brand new design (so a ‘funky’ fresh ‘look’)
  • Faster deposits (to be able to start playing faster too);
  • New personalized dashboard (to clearly see ‘where you are’ on your Casumo Casino journey);
  • Top lists for games (to easier find the game you’re looking for);
  • Brand new notification system (to be faster informed about what’s going on in the casino);
  • True responsive tablet design (so the mobile gaming experience becomes as ‘flawless’ as when playing on a desktop PC);
  • Login and play your last played game with one tap (to quicker find your favorite game)
  • Big, bold and beautiful game graphics (to improve the user-friendliness of the mobile casino);
  • See your current level and planet (to immediately now which next level to pursue).

Besides the above improvements players can expect from the new mobile interface Casumo has informed us many other features will be implemented once the new mobile casino is launched (and about which of course you’ll read all (and first) on our ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’).

Wait for more information about the new Casumo mobile casino

When the new mobile gaming section at Casumo goes online the innovative casino hasn’t disclosed yet, so for the exact release date (as well as for any other information about this memorable Casumo ‘move’) you’ll have to keep an eye on our newsflashes.

In the meantime (and in case you’ve never set foot in the online casino establishment before) we recommend you pay a visit to Casumo by the direct link on the Casumo casino review page on our website, to check out their ‘casino adventure’ for yourself and (preferably) open a casino account to profit from all of their advantageous and offerings.

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