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CEO Per Eriksson Gives Interview as NetEnt Turns 20

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It’s a big year for NetEnt! Aside from collecting a host of awards and launching several games, 2016 marks NetEnt’s 20th year of operation. That’s a big milestone for any company but to have survived and thrived in a sector as fast-paced as the online casino world takes some special qualities.

NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson sat down with Anna Romboli, NetEnt’s communication director, to answer a few questions about what makes NetEnt such a resilient and innovative company, with an enviable corporate culture that encourages growth and creativity.

Pioneers from the start

When asked what makes NetEnt such a strong company, registering remarkable growth, Eriksson said the key was in having the same goal from the very start – to blaze a trail as pioneers, in whatever direction the company takes.

This attitude is certainly paying off. Since 2007, the company has experienced a 31% growth in revenue. In 2015, the company reported a 35% operating margin. A billion SEK have been paid to shareholders since 2005.

NetEnt’s Scalable business model

As the online casino industry boomed, NetEnt too kept pace with developments thanks to the scalability of its business model. Eriksson says that past successes fuelled the ongoing growth and improved profits.

Quality is key

The only way for a company like NetEnt to earn and keep its title as the best game developer on the market is to constantly strive for quality in everything it does. NetEnt’s global offering includes 200 games in 25 languages, processing some 100 million transactions each day.

Eriksson describes how each new game NetEnt creates is an opportunity to push further, to aim higher and develop games that are new to the market. Innovation, he says, is the driving force behind NetEnt.

Investing in its people

NetEnt would be nothing without its employees so it takes a great interest in their development. Through initiatives such as NetEnt X and Innovation Week, employees have a chance to network, share ideas and think outside the box. They are given the freedom to explore and pursue their own ideas.

Of particular interest to Eriksson is the gender balance at NetEnt. The goal is to reach a 50/50 gender parity by the year 2020. As it is currently at 60/40, the company is well on the way to meeting this target, he explains.

On regulating the industry

Eriksson expressed confidence in NetEnt’s ability to tackle regulatory opportunities and challenges. Giving the example of the US market – which was effectively shut down in 2006 – Eriksson says that now that the market is opening up again, NetEnt is perfectly poised to claim the lion’s share.

In NetEnt’s native Sweden, the sector is facing a re-regulation. Eriksson welcomed this, saying that it is much easier to follow the rules when they are clear. He called for reasonable tax rates and operating conditions so NetEnt could continue its operation in much the same way it has done in other places where re-regulation has taken place.

Looking to the future

NetEnt has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation and development. It is the leading provider for mobile gaming technology, exploring virtual reality and penetrating new markets as they emerge. It is upon these foundations that Eriksson knows the company will continue to build on its past successes.

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