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CherryCasino keeps us laughing (and busy) with daily Christmas gifts!

Published on by Adam

CherryCasino still makes us laugh and enjoy daily casino bonusesStill 5 days to go until the CherryCasino ’24 Laughs till Christmas’ casino bonus calendar ends, so if by now you’re completely stressed out because of all Christmas preparations maybe you should ‘have a laugh’ with today’s bonus gift…

Netent Casino Christmas Bonus Calendars

The idea of a ‘Christmas / December Casino Bonus Calendar’ is used by many Netent Casinos to show their affection to both new subscribing players as well as to (perhaps even more) their most loyal, already registered players.

It is as if for each player the specific Netent Casino has placed a virtual Christmas tree in their equally virtual gaming establishment, and every day players will find a new Christmas gift, usually in the form of a Free Spins-, Reload-, Cash Back / Top Up bonus or any other attractive casino promotion. In that way the casinos are generously contributing to this month’s festive atmosphere and we wouldn’t be the ‘Leading Netent Fansite’ if we wouldn’t be contributing by regularly informing our readers about the ‘bonus agenda’ of the respective Netent Casinos that have one.

CherryCasino complete Christmas (bonus) solution

Also CherryCasino has put up a Christmas tree for every registered player (who has at least once made a successful deposit in 2014) and every day (until the 25-th of December) eligible players can receive their Christmas gift by paying a visit to the promotion page on the CherryCasino website. But where at other casinos the story ends here, CherryCasino’s calendar has two other, quite functional, characteristics…

First of all, since the start of the CherryCasino ’24 Laughs till Christmas’ calendar on the 1-st of December each day players were (and still are) conveniently guided through all necessary Christmas preparations probably also the average Netent casino gaming fan has to go through.

Like on the mentioned 1-st of this month CherryCasino urged us to already stockpile bottles of ‘Christmas Soda’, and the day after the casino ordered us to make a Christmas music playlist… On the third we were expected to write our Christmas wish-list, on the fourth Christmas Shopping had to be done and so on… As a matter of fact, normally I make a ‘to-do’ list for my Christmas preparations but this year I’ve let the CherryCasino calendar be my ‘memorandum’ (I hope my guests like this too!).

The second characteristic is that all of these ‘serious’ provisions from day-to-day are ‘wrapped’ in humorous and playful ‘gift paper’ by which CherryCasino even lets the player comment on the preparation that needs to be taken care of that day. For example, today we were remembered to shovel the snow before our doors to make sure all guests, including in-laws, would at least be able to enter… I personally commented I’ve already warned my in-laws to bring the snow shovels I gave them last year as a Christmas present…

Have a laugh with you daily CherryCasino bonus now!

In the end the CherryCasino ’24 Laughs till Christmas’ casino bonus calendar will not only help you to plan and carry out your Christmas preparations and relief you from any stress resulting from it, but it could also help to relief some financial ‘stress’ traditionally arriving with Christmas in case the daily casino bonus leads to a big ‘Merry Christmas’ win…

Have a look on the CherryCasino website for more information about their casino bonus  calendar by following the direct link on the CherryCasino review page.

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