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Coin Value vs Bet Level: Setting Your Stake on NetEnt Video Slots

Coin Value vs Bet Level: Setting Your Stake on NetEnt Video Slots

Published on by Adam

I’ve worked in the gaming industry for almost 10 years and have always been passionate about all aspects of it. I’ve either worked in or personally played or experienced almost every aspect of the industry. But still, after all those years, all that experience, if someone asked me to explain the Coin Value and Bet Level settings on NetEnt games, I’d have drawn a blank.

What are they? What do they do? And what’s the difference?

So recently, I spent many hours fiddling about, researching and calculating, so I could fully understand this feature in order to explain it in the simplest way possible.

The difference between Coin Value and Bet Level is essentially that Coin Value is based on the actual coins that you’re playing with and Bet Level is a customisable multiplier that increases the amount required to make a bet but also improves the potential winnings.

If you’re unsure about Coin Value and Bet Levels on NetEnt video slots, read on!

Coin Value

Coin Value is based on actual coins. So you have £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1.00 and £2.00. Although not all slots will go up to £2.00, some might have up to £0.50 at most for example. The Coin Value is how much you want to spend on each pay line in the game.


The coin determines your stake on the spin, so if you’re playing a 25 pay line slot machine a coin value of £0.01 will give you a total stake on your spin of £0.25 because it sets £0.01 per line.

Why? Because 25 lines x 0.01 coins = £0.25.

If you increase your coin value to 2, this will give you £0.02 on each pay line; £0.02 x 25 pay lines = total stake of £0.50.

Coin Value vs Bet Level: Setting Your Stake on Netent Video Slots

If you increase your coin value to 5, this will give you £0.05 on each pay line; £0.05 x 25 pay lines = total stake of £1.25.

Coin Value vs Bet Level: Setting Your Stake on Netent Video Slots

So you can change your stake but you are limited to just the amounts that the coin values determine.

Bet Level

Bet Level exists purely to give you a little more freedom to personalise your stake. Instead of just £0.01, £0.02, £0.05,  £0.10,  £0.20,  £0.50 or £1.00 times the pay lines, you can get a little more creative and create some different stakes.

The different Bet Levels will multiply the coin value, giving you more choice. So a Bet Level of 2, will multiply your Coin Value by 2. Setting a Coin Value of £0.02 and a Bet Level of 2 gives you £0.04 per line, which is not possible with the coin value alone (as there is no £0.04 coin)


If you select a Coin Value of 0.02 and a Bet Level of 2, you actually get a Coin Value of £0.04.

So with 25 pay lines instead of;

£0.02 (Coin Value) x 25 (Pay Lines) = £0.50 Total Stake

you get;

£0.02 Coin Value x Bet Level = £0.04
£0.04 x 25 Pay Lines = £1.00 Total Stake

Coin Value vs Bet Level: Setting Your Stake on Netent Video Slots

Using just the Coin Values, you cannot get a stake of £1 (with 25 pay lines), so the Bet Level just gives you a bit more freedom to create different stake per spin amounts.


Coin Value and Bet Level are simply two settings that work together in order to allow you a larger range of different stake amounts, so you’re not limited to just the coins multiplied by the pay lines. The Bet Level will multiply the Coin Value giving you more freedom to select the stake you want.

Wagering On NetEnt Games: Pros and Cons

Interested in our thoughts about the wagering system of NetEnt Games? The short answer is it’s good but not perfect. For the longer answer, keep reading!


  • Having two modifiers allows for more customisation and control for players
  • Adjusting your bet doesn’t reduce the number of win lines
  • Coins are easy to use


  • Seems a little more complicated than necessary
  • Many games don’t properly explain the coin value vs bet level difference – which is why you’re reading this.

Of all the game betting systems out there, NetEnt have developed one of the best. It’s highly customisable and allows players to freely change how much they bet without reducing the chance of winning.

With a little bit of explanation, this system is easy to understand and use. However, this bit of explanation isn’t available on most NetEnt games and this system also doesn’t allow for winline customisation, so it certainly isn’t perfect!

Looking To Put Your New-Found Knowledge To The Test?

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