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6 Slots that ought to get a VR version soon

Published on by Adam

6 Slots that ought to get a VR version soonTechnology is always improving and new developments are emerging every day and in every sector. For online gambling, Virtual Reality looks to be the next frontier, with casinos becoming increasingly interested in this innovative medium.

So far, only a handful of games have been made VR-ready and though that number is sure to grow in the years to come, we’ve come up with a list of slots we think would look fantastic when played in a VR environment.

Football: Champions Cup

Sporting events create a unique atmosphere among the audience – the love of a game bringing them together in support of their favourite athletes. In a football stadium, the feeling of anticipation and excitement is palpable. Imagine how awesome it would be to be able to experience that kind of thrill in VR’s immersive technology!


They say that the sea is an antidote to the hardest things in life and we tend to agree. There’s nothing like sitting along the water’s edge to help you relax, think more clearly or simply get away from the chaos of the everyday. Beach offers charming graphics but in VR, will also give players an authentic and relaxing gaming experience.

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Roll up, roll up! Theme Park brings together the sights and sounds of the fairground, brimming with dazzling colours and bonus games. We would think that being able to play this game with a VR headset can only heighten the experience of youthful excitement and the thrill of the win!

Go Bananas!

The jungle can be a scary place – lots of big things with big teeth live in there – but Go Bananas offers players a whimsical game that lets them join in the simian fun being had by the friendly protagonists. With a plethora of special features, imagine experiencing this sweet adventure game in an all new way, thanks to Virtual Reality.


If you like to be at one with nature (while also enjoying high-tech gaming opportunities), you’ll probably love Glow as a VR game. Imagine being able to look at the night sky, hear the sounds of the wilderness in stereo, all while enjoying this game’s ethereal design and features.

Secrets of Atlantis

If we could experience any habitat in the world, without any consequences or preparation, we would definitely pick the ocean. With more known about the moon than the seas, it would be such a cool experience to be able to visit without even getting wet. Secrets of Atlantis, in a VR environment, would quite literally immerse players beneath the surface, letting them play this stunning game in a world we don’t often get to see.

In the meantime…

While the boffins tinker with and continue to improve on the VR technology we have, check out Slotsmillion, who have pulled ahead of the pack in this regard by offering the world’s first VR casino.

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