Do it the Right Way at Propawin

Published on 5 May 2015 by Casino Admin

Do it the Right Way at Propawin

Propawin is a recent addition to our list of Netent casinos, being a relatively new player in the gaming world, they still manage to feel well-established and give off a ‘no nonsense’ vibe upon entering the site. This is a place for anyone who would consider themselves a serious player, offering all the games we know and love, while keeping an immensely easy and user-friendly layout. Incorporating simple, straight-forward listings of what you can play and how exactly to make the most of it with an extensive list of promotional offers.

To further make things simple, Propawin has segmented their games depending on who provides them. Using instantly recognisable names that will appeal to gamblers everywhere.

Netent in Monte Carlo

After entering the gates of Monte Carlo, you will be met by all your favorite characters straight away. Enjoy a little slice of Netheaven, with all of the greats being listed by popularity automatically for your convenience. If you are unfamiliar with the functions and special features that some of these slots offer, you will be pleased by Propawin’s design choices, where a star-rating as well as a small description of what unique features each game incorporates are clearly displayed in the game categories. 

Propawin Welcome Offer

Offering a very competitive welcome package, Propawin seem to want to attract anyone looking for a worthwhile deposit bonus. Don’t worry, there are free spins for newly registered players as well!

Highroller Welcome Bonus

Take advantage of the potentially very lucrative deposit bonus up to €500 by making your first deposit, to sweeten the pot, they have added a smashing 100 free spins in the cult-favorite – Starburst

No Deposit Free Spins

For all of our fun-loving freespin fanatics, there will be No Deposit Freespins! Offering a cheerful yet competitive 10 free spins for newly registered players to enjoy.

Getting started

If the crisp design and no-fuss approach that Propawin has so excellently embodied is appealing to you, signup by visiting our PropaWin page and hitting the ‘Visit PropaWin’ button. Don’t forget to read more comprehensive information on our reviews page!


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