Entropay same as Visa credit card (but still a little bit different)

Published on 13 May 2014 by Sebas

EntropEntropay much like Visa (but different)ay is quite an unique online payment provider of which the service can best be compared with the services of the conventional Visa credit card. Indeed, because Entropay doesn’t only use the worldwide Visa network, but also the procedure to make an online payment with Entropay is exactly the same as with a Visa credit card.

The big difference with Visa is that Entropay isn’t a credit card at all but the company, by its Anglo-Maltese partner the Bank of Valleta, issues a Virtual Visa pre-paid debit card that needs to be uploaded with money before it can be used for making online payments or deposits.

This means the Entropay Virtual Visa card, just like a credit card, needs to be “connected” to a “funding source” (which can be a regular bank account, another credit card or an e-wallet), but instead of providing a user with credit only the uploaded amount of money on the card can be used to make payments.

As the Entropay Virtual Visa is a debit card anyone who wants to can obtain one: no credit-check is applied to determine someone’s credit-worthiness. Anyone can register at the Entropay website and (virtually) immediately the Entropay Virtual Visa is issued by the company.

Making a deposit in an online casino with Entropay follows the same procedure as with a normal Visa credit card. When opting for Entropay on the payment page in an online casino the amount to deposit, the name of the card holder, the card number, card validity date and the 3 digit CVC / CVV number of the card need to be provided. Given there are enough funds available on the card the deposit will be instantly transferred to the casino account.

Another very convenient feature is that with the Entropay Virtual Visa card also withdrawals from the casino account to the Virtual Visa can be made.

Like with most online payment services also the Entropay system has some advantages and disadvantages.

Obvious advantages are the payments made with the Virtual Visa card are instantly, anonymous and safe and can be done everywhere on the internet where Visa is accepted. Besides this, obtaining one is completely free of restrictions and there’s even the possibility to “upgrade” the Virtual Visa card by requesting a physical (plastic) MasterCard that’s linked to the Entropay Virtual Visual (pre-paid) debit card. With this physical MasterCard also payments in normal shops everywhere around the world where MasterCard is accepted can be made, provided there are funds on the Virtual Visa debit card.

The biggest disadvantage of the Entropay Virtual Visa debit card is that for uploading funds a fee is charged as well as for withdrawals and funding of the card by third parties.

The Entropay Virtual Visa pre-paid debit card might be a good option for many players to deposit funds to (and withdraw funds from) their Netent Casino accounts. To learn more about this online payment service you should visit the page in our guide about Entropay on which also all Netent Casinos are listed that accept Entropay payments.


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