Euroslots and Netent games no go for Wallis and Futuna players

Published on 7 December 2014 by Sebas

EuroSlots Netent Casino not available on Wallis and FutunaEuroSlots, part of the renowned Swedish (and Maltese) company Cherry AB, is primarily focused on players from Northern European countries. Players from Wallis and Futuna unfortunately cannot enjoy the many Netent games on offer at EuroSlots.

Sometimes even we stumble upon something of which we have to ask ourselves (in total ignorance): “What the heck is THAT?!”. Today we did so too while we were, actually quite casually and for no specific reason whatsoever, having a look at the ‘Terms & Conditions’ of Netent Casino EuroSlots.

Strange T&Cs at EuroSlots?

Because in Chapter 4 of those T&Cs (titled ‘Player registration and Deregistration Process’) and in Paragraph 4.1 of that chapter (called ‘Account registration’) we came across the following section:

“EuroSlots does not accept Player registrations and / or deposits and / or play from the following countries: American Samoa, Bonaire, Canada, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Guam, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin (French), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, East Timor, United States of America, Wallis and Futuna, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Belgium, United Kingdom and Thailand.”

Now, this list at EuroSlots of course isn’t the first enumeration of excluded countries and territories we’ve seen in the T&Cs of a Netent Casino and we use(d) to pride ourselves on a quite solid knowledge when it comes to geographical, topographical and cartographical matters… But where in this whole wide wonderful world a country called ‘Wallis and Futuna’ can be found? And why can’t the residents of that country enjoy the many exciting Netent Casino games EuroSlots so generously provides to so many players?

Wallis and Futuna vs EuroSlots

We had absolutely never, ever heard of ‘Wallis and Futuna’ before, because if we would, we surely would have remembered…
After all ‘Futuna’ of course is very close to ‘fortuna’ (fortune, luck) and to ‘futura’ (future) and ‘Wallis’ we would probably have associated with Wallis Simpson or ‘Wallace and Grommit’…

And if we would have heard from Wallis and Futuna before, we probably also would have known where this place is located, which subsequently maybe also explains why EuroSlots is off limits for ‘Wallisian and Futunan’ fans of the exciting Netent casino games…

EuroSlots mystery explained

A quick survey on internet taught us ‘Wallis and Futuna’ is a tiny twin island state (much like Antigua and Barbuda about which we, by the way, know EVERYTHING!), located in the South Pacific and part of the French overseas territories. And the latter of course is the reason why EuroSlots sadly enough can’t accept players from Wallis and Futuna… officially Wallisians and Futunans are French citizens and France, as we all know, has put a strict ban on online casino games.

Not from Wallis and Futuna? Try out EuroSlots now!

If you’re not from Wallis and Futuna (or from any other excluded country as mentioned above) you are completely entitled to enjoy the many Netent casino games EuroSlots has on offer. Maybe winning one of the 3 ‘multimillionaire making’ pooled Netent jackpots at EuroSlots, hitting it big while playing a Netent Touch game in their Mobile Casino, ‘breaking the bank’ against real-life dealers in their Netent Live Casino or simply claiming the EuroSlots casino welcome bonus of 100% up to € 200 can make up for not having the Wallisian and Futunan nationality.


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