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Exclusive footage! Take the Netent office / Per Eriksson tour!

Published on by Adam

I’ve should have listened to my old (sweet) Dutch mother when I was young and growing up in Holland: “Try to learn a little bit of Swedish too, you never know when you might need it”, she used to say. Unfortunately I didn’t listen and therefore today I cannot give our readers the full (and let alone ‘correct’) translation of the answers NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson gives on the (apparently partly ‘frolicsome’) questions he’s been asked in above footage.

Heeere’s… NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson! Your office guide!

‘Här är Per Eriksson’, the title of the above video literally means ‘Here’s Per Eriksson’ and that stated I really want no one to think I ‘master’ the undoubtedly elegant Swedish language myself in any way whatsoever. Nevertheless, Swedish and a language I actually do completely dominate, the Dutch language, are very similar (especially in ‘sound’) and therefore some of the conversation between Per and the interviewer I like to pretend I fully understand.

That said, it’s only fair to point out most of the info given in this somewhat peculiar article thus solely consists of my own personal interpretational and highly associative translation and therefore needs to be consumed ‘with a shipload of salt’ or, as we say in the Dutch Lowlands, ‘met een korreltje zout’.

Background of above video footage

The video was the first made this year by the Swedish IDG Media company in a series of programs about several leading Swedish IT companies, and which videos try to give an answer on questions like: How do the company’s offices look like? Do they have a so-called ‘cuddle room’? What’s going on internally? What are focus points for the company? What are its CEO’s habits, passions, particularities, preferences? and so on…

The 72 things you never knew about NetEnt

So while being toured around through the Stockholm head-office of NetEnt by the company’s CEO Per Eriksson the same is interviewed and bombarded with loads of questions (72, to be exact) and of which from Per’s answers I make up the following:

  • Per likes to have yogurt with muesli for breakfast;
  • Per describes NetEnt as ‘an online casinos solutions providing’ company;
  • There are 46 employees working at the NetEnt head-office in Stockholm;
  • NetEnt has offices in Malta, Gibraltar, Gothenburg, and New Jersey;
  • What makes NetEnt ‘tick’ is ‘entertainment’;
  • The latest released game (at that time) was video slot The Invisible Man’;
  • Video slot Starburst is the most popular NetEnt game;
  • Per plays the most tennis;
  • Per likes life and ice cream (of course);
  • The most NetEnt has ever invested in the development of a game was 60 million, in video slot The Invisible Man;
  • Per has an appointment to play tennis with someone;
  • NetEnt ’s biggest competitor is PlayTech;
  • Dishonesty makes Per mad;
  • The average pay out percentage of NetEnt games is 94%;
  • Per prefers golf above tennis, Android above Apple (iOS) and summer above winter;
  • Per likes to have lunch with his wife (at Arctis);
  • The next ‘highlight’ for NetEnt was the (at that time) upcoming International Casino Exhibition;
  • NetEnt values ‘transparency’;
  • NetEnt works the hardest on mobile casino gaming products;
  • Per describes the NetEnt company culture as ‘fantastic’ fresh and fast paced;
  • As a ‘hidden talent’ is Per really good at hand standing;
  • Per like to go to work by bicycle (but actually mostly takes his car);
  • Per esteems programmers as very competent;
  • Per prefers Black Jack above Roulette;
  • Per considers Free Spins as the most spectacular special game feature;
  • Per prefers PlayStation above Xbox;
  • Per is not very good at virtual football gaming;
  • Per prefers Instagram above Twitter and online above retail;
  • Per likes both the marathon as well as the sprint;
  • Per is rather international than Swedish minded;
  • Per likes video slot Mega Fortune more than a classic slot.

As you can see I’ve only ‘understood’ less than half of what Per has answered in above video interview and probably less than half of that ‘less than half’ I understood correctly. So once again, please assume the only real knowledge I have of anything that has to do with ‘Swedish communication’ is I probably know how to assemble an IKEA coffee-table.

At this moment someone is busy writing up the translation of what’s actually said in the video so one of these days you’ll find the above footage about NetEnt again here in our news section, but then with the real, and probably very interesting, depiction of the NetEnt office tour! Stay tuned!



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