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Exclusive Interview with Casino Saga’s New CEO Magnus Alebo

Published on by Adam

Exclusive Interview with Casino Saga's New CEO Magnus Alebo
As the most complete Netent fansite available anywhere online, we have a really good relationship with a lot of casinos, meaning we’re able to give you the hot news first, and able to provide loads of exclusive content that you wont find anywhere else. Casino Saga recently got in touch to introduce their new CEO, Magnus Alebo and we couldn’t wait to have a chat with him to find out who he is and what visions he has for one of our favourite online adventure casinos.

Congrats on your new role! Due to the difference in the size of the company and style of the casino, Casino Saga will surely be a big change from your previous post at Betsson. Are you looking forward to this new challenge?

Thank you very much and yes, it’s a massive change going from a +1,000 employee giant to a young start-up. Particularly the agility and pace of things is a huge difference, and obviously the fact that Casino Saga has a unique concept of adding adventures and gaming to the customer experience. I’ve been here about three months now and the experience so far has exceeded my expectations in a very positive way. We have an amazing product managed by great people and partners, a bright future and a lot of fun getting there.

How long have you been working in iGaming in total and what drew you to this industry?

I’ve been in iGaming for about 4 years now and was attracted by the fast pace of serving customers online 24/7, seeing the results of your efforts instantly while in parallel managing brands for the long-term. My history is with FMCG (Procter & Gamble, beer, spirits) and I evolved gradually into digital/online business while maintaining a passion for marketing and brand management. Before entering the iGaming scene I founded and ran an online real estate agency for a few years and did some consulting within digital marketing.

Is it true that Casino Saga will be changing it’s name after pressure from, the creators of the Candy Crush Saga? If so, do you have any ideas on a new name and will this mean an entirely new branding?

It’s correct that King is challenging our name since they claim the exclusive right to using the word “Saga” for any type of entertainment or game irrespective of category. We find this difficult to understand since “Saga” is a generic and descriptive word used to describe an adventurous journey, which is exactly how and why we are using it.

But in any case, King is putting a lot of pressure on us, and as a small company in comparison to a giant with an army of lawyers it’s an overwhelming challenge to find the time and resources to manage such a process. We might find ourself in a situation where we have no other alternative than to change name for the simple reason that it will allow us to focus properly on the business and our customers. But our concept and product is so strong that the name is secondary and we feel confident that our customers would agree.

(For the record, I agree with you. I think it’s ridiculous. Saga is a word, and was around long before so they can’t just lay claim to it, however I think the Casino Saga brand is certainly strong enough to withstand a name change relatively unscathed!- Rhi)

What attracted you to Casino Saga specifically?

Definitely the unique idea of mixing up traditional casino with adventures and gaming. It’s not only that it’s unique, even more importantly it’s a highly relevant concept for the customers. Casino players are looking for excitement and a great time while chasing the money, and that’s exactly what makes Casino Saga the hottest thing out there at the moment.

Do you have any immediate plans for Casino Saga, any exciting developments you can tell us about?

Apart from the more expected growth initiatives, such as entering a number of new markets shortly, we have some really exciting product enhancements in development including new regions to conquer, more exciting boss fight mechanics, etc.

Are you a fan of Netent games and, if yes, which is your favourite and why?

Lately I have played South Park 1 & Reel Chaos a lot since I love the entertainment in the bonus rounds. But my all time favourite is definitely Jack and the Beanstalk, it continuous to impress me in the cleverness of how it keeps you entertained and excited both in-round and in the bonus level.

Which Saga Hero do you identify with most?

The dwarf – stubborn, grumpy and a lot of facial hair, what is there not to like?!

If you could have any job in the entire world, what would you pick?

I have the perfect job already, if I could wish for one addition it would be to have some great skiing outside the office while still being in the middle of the Mediterranean. But apart from the lack of skiing here in Malta, I’m very happy where I am.

Thank you so much to Magnus for taking the time out to talk to us and I wish Casino Saga all the luck in the world going forward.

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