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Faceoff: Bank Transfer Vs Pay By Phone

Faceoff: Bank Transfer Vs Pay By Phone

Published on by James

Since the launch of our new Faceoff series at the end of April, we’ve been really impressed with the feedback and engagement with the concept.

Therefore, we’ve decided to look at two more of the most popular online payment methods to see which one comes out on top.

Who Is Facing Off?

Both fighters are ready to go, each has been in the gym training for as long as they care to remember. Blood, sweat, tears and broken bones have led up to this moment. The ring calls have been made and both fighters are walking out.

It’s a long way to the ring and this is when we find out who they are:

This fight looks like it is going to go all the way, but our judges think it looks like it might get a little messy. The referee is calling the start, the fight is underway!


The first round : what is the accessibility of each of these methods like? Are they widely accepted? Are there any obstacles to their use?

Bank Transfers have been around since before any e-wallets, before online casinos, and before the internet itself. Bank transfers have been a way of moving around money ever since there were banks. This means this is a payment method that’s accessible to everyone – it’s not the Victorian Era afterall.

Pay by Phone is a different story, this option is only available to players whose phone companies allows it. Moreover, players may struggle to actually find many casinos that accept this type of payment as many casinos don’t allow it.

The Accessibility Winner is?

Both fighters came out swinging, both were trying to land heavy blows. However, the years of experience led to  one fighter  coming outon top… Bank Transfer is the clear winner!


Nobody wants to mess around when they’re trying to pay for their casino fun, everyone wants ease of use. So, the question is, how easy to use are these to methods? Do you have to set up any strange accounts? Do you need to install any apps?

To pay by Bank Transfer you simply have to navigate to your casinos cashier page, select your payment method as Bank Transfer and then put in your bank account details. In fact, most (if not all) casinos will save your account details so you don’t have to re-enter them each time.

Pay by Phone is equally easy when it comes to the casino cashier. All you have to do is select this payment method, select the amount you want to pay, and then authorise it. The amount paid will then either be deducted from your pre-paid phone balance, or it will be added to your monthly phone bill. You will need to set up a Pay by Phone account to do this though, whereas you don’t really need to set up a bank account.

The Usability Winner is?

This round has been a close call, both competitors have shown a lot of heart. The judges have called it though, and the winner is… Bank Transfer again

Cash Out Duration

So, you’ve won a bit of money, as we all do time to time, but you want to know how quick it takes for you to turn that into real cash. In other words, how long is the cash out time?

Banks transfer withdrawal times can be anywhere up to 5 days, this totally depends upon your bank. But being slow is not always a bad thing, and it is certainly better than not allowing withdrawals at all – which is precisely what Pay by Phone does.

The Cash Out Winner is?

The winner is clear, a knockout blow has been thrown. This round goes straight to Bank Transfer.

Transaction Fees

One thing that gets everyone’s hackles up is hidden fees. You pay for something, check your bill, and you find out that you’ve been charged extra. Well, do either of these two methods do that?

On the whole bank transfers do not have hidden fees, and neither does Pay by Phone. However, if you’re with a bad bank, they may indeed charge you to move your money – but this has nothing to do with casinos and would apply to all transactions with your bank (if they’re a bad bank). The same goes for Pay by Phone. Most of them do not charge you transaction fees, but if you’re using a bad provider, then they might do.

The Transaction Fees Winner is?

No clear winner has come out on top here. This round is a draw.

Casino Bonuses

We’ve looked at how these methods work, but can players get any bonuses for using them?

For both phone and banks transfer there are not many explicit bonuses. This is for two reasons. Firstly, Bank Transfers are a pretty standard payment method and are not new and exciting. Secondly, Pay by Phone is not new and exciting either, so it’s not typically given specific bonuses.

The Casino Bonuses Winner is?

Another very close round. The judges took time to deliberate, and they’ve called this one a draw.

The Overall Winner Is?

The last bell has rung, the fight is over. The fighters go back to their corners and they’re starting to get stitched back up. At ringside the judges tally up the scores. The overall winner is… Bank Transfer! Three rounds to zero, with two draws. There’s no other way this fight could have been called. Do you agree with our verdict?

Find out more about bank transfers and payments by phone here.

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