Fenplay Limitied License Suspension

Published on 29 July 2015 by Casino Admin

Fenplay Limitied License SuspensionThe Malta gaming authority have since this morning announced the suspension of Fenplay Limited, a suspension taking action with immediate effect to result in the ceasing of gaming operations and player related interactions and acquisitions.

The Gaming Authority of Malta (MGA)

We express our trust in the Maltese Gaming Authority as they are currently the most legitimate licensing available for casinos. Most online gaming operates from Malta under the Maltese Gaming Authority licensing, which throughout the years has established a mecca of casino gaming sites. All the biggest and best brands operate successfully from Malta using the MGA license as it is the most established and trusted licensing available for European players and casinos operating within the European Union.

If a casino is suspected of any fraudulent activity or any other activity specifically in discordance with the regulations set in place in order to protect the security of players and the integrity of the Maltese Gaming Authority, the accused casino will be susceptible to an investigation as to ensure the legitimate operations of the casino and the fair treatment of players. Such inspections shall also be in place to protect and ensure the legitimate and legal operations of all transactions on the casino website as to oppose money laundering or any other activity not in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Fenplay Limited

As far as what changes for players in the every day sense, there is no need to worry. As for many the brand Fenplay Limited will have been a brand which most players have never heard of. They operated several smaller casino and sportsbook sites that were neither popular nor very impressive. Among these are; CBMsport, Skyinbet, Qormibet, GSMbet and the FantasticWin casino brands.

At this moment we have no news regarding what particular regulation was disobeyed but we are able to confirm that all operations from any Fenplay Limited site will cease with immediate effect until such time has passed that the site can be cleared of the accusations and have their license granted once again. Time will only tell at this point and we intend to stay on top of this story as it progresses.

Any players who are currently have a pending withdrawal are encouraged to contact the Maltese Gaming Authority immediately and present the requested details as listed below;

  • Full name and surname
  • Registered account address
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of passport or other ID document
  • Phone number
  • Username
  • Screenshot of pending balance request or and estimation of the amount if not available.

Other Casinos Taken Action Against

This isn’t the first time we have seen action being taken against a casino for suspicion of not operating legitimately. Earlier this year we saw two other brands getting their licenses removed due to improper activity and mistreatment of players. Should there be any concern, you can be assured that action will promptly be taken and that players concerns are taken seriously in all cases presented.

Serving as a reminder for any player who feels that they might have been mistreated or that their request wasent handled in accordance with the regulations set in place by the Maltese Gaming Authority. The Casinos who felt the consequences of such actions prior to Fenplay Limited was 666bet and Metro Play. Resulting in them losing their MGA licensing and having to cease all operations in Malta.



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