Find the seven Maya treasures in Netent’s Lost Pyramid™ scratch card

Published on 15 February 2013 by Casino Admin

Netent scratch card Lost Pyramid has € 100.000 first prizeWhen yours truly just started to write for the Netent Online Casino Guide, one of his first articles was about Netent’s scratch card called Lost Pyramid™. At that time, 21-st of August 2012, humanity still was facing the end of the world which should, according to Mayan prophecy, take place exactly 4 months later, on the 21-st of December of the same year 2012. So in the article, later translated and published over here, yours truly linked the upcoming apocalyptic event to the Mayan culture themed scratch card and now that we luckily haven’t collectively “met our Maker” on that supposed “Dooms Date”, there’s still a lot to tell about pyramids and this adventurous Netent scratch card.

Recent archeological research in the Egyptian desert with the latest high tech radar equipment and combined with the study of high resolution satellite pictures taken from that same desert, has indicated there still must be hundreds of undiscovered pyramids and archeological sites hidden under the desert sand, waiting to be carefully excavated and stripped from their valuable artifacts.

Probably the same goes for the other pyramid building cultures like the Olmec, Toltec, Aztecs and Mayans of which also there still must be many until today forgotten and unexplored constructions with hopefully holding some legendary treasures. The remains of the architectural skills of these cultures however are even harder to find because normally overgrown with extremely inaccessible Central and South-American rainforest, making a discovery almost a case of sheer needle-in-a-haystack-finding luck.

That amount of luck you don’t need to find the gold treasures in Netent scratch card Lost Pyramid™ because the Mayan pyramid is already, in an ecological and environmental responsible way, deforested, and the only thing you’ll have to do is to touch 7 of the 36 magical blocks of the pyramid to find the 7 Golden Cubes, of which 2 found already will yield you a nice cash prize.

You can choose the blocks yourself or let the job be done by the computer with “Auto choice” and you can play with a € 0.10, € 50, € 1 or € 2 wager, giving you the chance to win a maximum cash price of respectively € 5.000, € 25.000. € 50.000 and € 100.000 per round. The Return To Player (RTP) percentage of scratch card Lost Pyramid™ is a pleasant 92,0% and the original “soundtrack” of the game puts you right in the middle of a tropical rainforest in search of Mayan gold.

To check out scratch card Lost Pyramid™ you can have a look over here to find more game details and the free play version. To play this exciting Netent scratch card game for real money you can log in to your account at Victor Chandler casino, which has this and more Netent scratch card games in its casino games catalog.


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