Find your Lucky Number at Laromere Casino

Published on 21 June 2015 by Casino Admin

Find your Lucky Number at Laromere Casino

They say when it rains, it pours. We like to think that luck works the same way, that when the big win finally comes, it will make someone a very rich person. Laromere Casino has arranged so that person can be any member who picks the correct six 

sequential lucky numbers. This promotions has been running since the 11th of June and will continue until the 22nd of July. What is particularly interesting for our readers, is that on top of the chance of raking home the €2,500 Jackpot, players can receive €500 in cold hard cash. That is a wager free €500 cash that you can use to bet your way to the top!

Lucky Number Laromere

The way it works is that players are encouraged to pick any number on a a grid of 50 balls, so if you are clever and lucky enough you might just walk away with enough lucky numbers to pick up some of the aforementioned cash prizes! Depending on how many balls you pick correctly, you will receive a set amount of cash as a reward. If you are lucky enough to pick 3 of the correct lucky numbers, you will receive €50 in the form of, you guessed it, cash! If you are feeling especially fortunate, you will want to try hitting 4 correct lucky numbers on the grid and get your hands on a whopping €125 in cash. Should you get 5 correct lucky numbers, you can expect to receive an absolutely grand €500 in cash, keep in mind that the €500 is only available as of yesterday, so get them while they are fresh!

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