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The Move from Flash to HTML5 Casino Games and What it Means for You

The Move from Flash to HTML5 Casino Games and What it Means for You

Published on by Adam

While there have been plenty of technological revolutions in the last few years within the iGaming world, such as mobile casino gameplay and virtual reality slots, perhaps one area that has gone under the radar is the software used to create your favourite NetEnt titles. Of course, unlike the video game industry, us lucky gamers can simply fire up video slots, table games, jackpots and the rest from within our standard web browsers – with no downloads, discs or other media required.

Quite how we do this has changed fairly dramatically since the beginning of 2014, but many of you won’t really know too much about it. Essentially, NetEnt decided to dispense with an older, outdated technology in favour of a new, secure and feature-rich platform for a better gaming experience – Adobe’s Flash was forced out, while the HTML5 standard was ushered in.

You’re probably wondering how this change affects you, with plenty jumping to the conclusion that it doesn’t, really. But Netent Casino are here to explain why NetEnt’s decision to move from Flash to HTML5 for the production of their internet casino games was a crucial step towards future-proofing your entertainment. Let’s take you through it.

What Exactly is HTML5 and Flash?

Before we pinpoint NetEnt’s reasoning for moving, we first need to establish what Flash and HTML5 actually are. We’ll start with Flash, which is a multimedia platform add-on created by Adobe.

Programmers can use it for a variety of features, such as video/audio, animations, applications, and games, and it subsequently became a huge part of the internet. However, plenty of concerns about its suitability arose, and people began to defect to other technologies due to the disadvantages that Flash brings.

HTML5 is the latest standard of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is used to create webpages. After being discussed for many years, it was finally published in 2014 with a multitude of new features which mirror Flash.

However, as it is the core component of creating content for websites, rather than being a third-party addition like Adobe’s program, many alongside NetEnt have decided to use HTML5 going forward. Why? Well, there are many reasons…

Why Have NetEnt Decided to Use HTML5 for New Productions?

You May Encounter this Message or Similar When Accessing Flash Slots at Online CasinosFlash issues were infamously brought up by Steve Jobs who composed his “Thoughts on Flash” piece and published it on Apple’s website.

It documented many reasons why the technology was obsolete and wasn’t included within Apple technology, such as iPads, iPhones and other devices.

Several technology companies agreed with this assertion, with Google and other web browsers deciding to switch Flash off by default in a bid to phase it out.

So, this is why you may have recently begun seeing the following messages when attempting to play certain online casino slots.

Flash’s Weaknesses

One of the points that Jobs touched upon is security, as Flash is a hot target for thieves and criminals to attack computers and devices. Known vulnerabilities have rocketed over the years since its inception, and it’s something that web browsers couldn’t ignore any longer

Furthermore, Flash is resource-hungry software, putting extra strain on older or low-end laptops and causing havoc for mobile device batteries. In the end, Adobe even dropped support of its own product to focus on creating HTML5 services.

How Do HTML5 Video Slots Improve Your Online Casino Experience?

NetEnt Have Been Converting Old Flash Titles to HTML5You must be wondering how all of this relates to you, correct?

Well, as we’ve just mentioned above, the switch from Flash to HTML5 slot games improves your battery life – giving you even more time to take advantage of mobile casino bonuses and the rest.

Also, there are fewer security risks due to the middle-man being removed, so to speak, while NetEnt also say that they can create better graphics and sound using HTML5 than before.

Finally, as the technology is built-in to web browsers, there is often now only one version of a game created for both desktop and mobile products.

This frees up time for NetEnt to focus more on innovative new features rather than duplicating work.

NetEnt Have Been Converting Old Flash Titles to HTML5

In light of HTML5’s rise, NetEnt decided to start reworking their most popular titles from Flash to this latest standard to appease players and internet casinos alike. They obviously realised that removing their old video slots would hardly endear themselves to many in iGaming, but they weren’t prepared to simply leave them as is with the Flash threats looming over players.

This process has been happening for several years now, so a decent selection of titles have already been converted. What’s more, every single NetEnt game moving forward will be developed using HTML5, so you can guarantee all of the above benefits with every new drop you’re treated to.

NetEnt demonstrating, yet again, how they’re leading the way in online casino game creation!

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