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FruityCasa’s ‘Live for Free’ Promo

Published on by Adam

FruityCasa’s ‘Live for Free’ PromoFruityCasa is a casino that tends to please NetEnt game fans as it has all the NetEnt games collection on board. Name it, and FruityCasa has it. Whether you’re looking for any of the RNG (Random Number Generated) classic slots or video slots, NetEnt Touch conversion, or any of the local or pooled jackpots, you’re bound to find it on this site. And NetEnt readers and players will be even happier to hear what kind of promotional offer FruityCasa has dreamt up this time – the ‘Live for Free’ promo.

Win Every Month with FruityCasa

Recently, we’ve been seeing many casinos getting more original with some of the most outrageous bonus packages they can come up with. But this time, FruityCasa has really outdone itself with the opportunity to play once and win several times until the year is over.

In simple terms, FruityCasa is offering players the opportunity to take part in a competition and earn a prize in cash for every month until the end of the year. In their own words, you can ‘live for free’ for the rest of the year. So, how does it work?

Every time you spin the reels and bet €20, you get one point added to your name. Keep an eye on the the leaderboard to check where you rank. And if by 31st October, you’re ranked number 1, you’ll get €2000 automatically deposited in your account monthly until the end of 2016. The intention is to give you the rest of the year off by subsidising your living expenses for a few months.

The good news continues as everyone landing in the 2nd to the 52nd position also get to walk away with runner-up prizes. Here is the prize list in order:

  • 1st prize – €2000 every month until the end of the year
  • 2nd prize – Apple iPhone 7
  • 3rd – 52nd prize – Cash prizes varying between €25 and €100

Wrapping Up FruityCasa’s Crazy New Promotion

Perhaps, I’m not the only one who thinks that finding an extra €2000 in your bank account for a few months might prove quite convenient. Perhaps, if you still have enough work leave accumulated, you can actually take some time off and spoil yourself with a nice trip, refurbish the house, go on a few shopping sprees, or simply save the extra cash up for stormier times. Whatever your usage of choice, seeing yourself topping the leaderboard and pressing forward to stay on top is going to give you an adrenaline rush when you know what’s waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. So, if you’re a FruityCasa player and you like this idea, you might want to get down now with your gaming and add more spins to your name. You might be the lucky one to be sitting pretty with FruityCasa for the rest of the year!

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