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Gambling Commission Watchdogs Make Online Casinos Fall in Legal Line

Published on by Adam

Safety Practices Gambling Watchdogs Look for These DaysIn an ever-growing wave spreading throughout the online casino world, licensing boards such as the UK Gambling Commission are trying to ensure respectability and reliability through regulatory structure. One way to do this is by making sure that any casino scrutinised prior to receiving its license, and after, during spot checks, ticks all the boxes on a list of safety practices meant to protect the player. When such commissions carry out their investigations, they want to ensure that the subject casino is fulfilling its social responsibilities, and one way this can be done is by seeing to the player’s better management of their funds and gambling tendencies.

Methodology for Safety

Two such practices respectable online casinos are adopting more as time goes by are ‘self-exclusion’ and ‘time out’. In the case of self-exclusion, players autonomously opt to exclude themselves entirely from betting, usually for a minimum time period of six months. The ‘time out’ option, in comparison, is a more lax approach. Again, by opting for this, players can suspend their betting activities for a set period of time, the only difference being that the time period tends to be shorter. This varies from one casino to another, and can include stretches as short as 24 hours all the way up to 6 weeks, and sometimes more.

A History of Trial and Error

This practice started gaining more traction as of May 2015, when a clause in the commission’s License Conditions and Codes of Practice stated and enforced the idea against misleading consumers about promotions. This implies that companies must coherently and transparently explain such terms as ‘free bet’ and/or ‘bonus’ and what are the conditions implied in each offer. With legalizing boards such as the UKGC adopting such benchmarks for online casinos, the latter can expect fines and bad publicity when found not adherent to this. Commissions want to make it clear that online casinos know what they must do to offer ethical and responsible services.

Path of Action Moving Forward

In the light of such practices, we, here, at NetEnt Casino, only endorse online casinos that are fully licensed and vetted. And our preferences always lean toward casinos that opt for EU-based licenses. We believe that the stances being taken by such legalising boards help ensure that players fall under their protective wing when players’ finances are on the line. However, as no overarching regulation is 100% infallible, we always encourage our readers to give us their feedback about their experiences with online casinos. This helps us shed light on even more corners in the world of online casinos.

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