Get Instant Casino Withdrawals at Bethard

Published on 21 February 2015 by Rhi

Get Instant Casino Withdrawals at BethardThe main reason for playing Netent games online should always be enjoyment. But it’s nice to win. And when we win, we want our money. My pet peeve is casinos who take days before they even bother to process your withdrawal, but this is not an issue at Bethard, who aims to process instant withdrawals, and currently offer the fastest withdrawal process time of any other online casino.

Instant Casino Withdrawals at Bethard

Bethard are having none of it. As passionate players themselves, they know that players need to be treated right. They’d rather you played on them because you enjoy it, not because you’ve given up hope of getting your money. They aim to offer the fastest online casino withdrawal process available and so far, are living up to their claims.

  1. Firstly, you can request the withdrawal in your account (Account > Withdraw).
  2. You will have to verify your age still, but this is a one time thing and once it’s done, you’ll not have to go through it again.
  3. Bethard aim to approve and send your money within TEN MINUTES!!!!!

So, depending on your chosen withdrawal method, you could have your money within minutes of deciding you want it! If they’re particularly busy then they admit that it can take up to 1 hour for funds to be approved, but 1 hour is no time at all, and a huge improvement on the 24-72 hours most casinos quote. Their team is available from 08.00 – 01.00 CET so any withdrawals processed outside of these hours will be approved as soon as they begin again in the morning.

To test out the speediest withdrawals available online, sign up today by clicking “Visit Bethard” on our Bethard review and facts page.

Why Are Casino Withdrawals Normally So Slow?

When you have a balance at an online casino and want to withdraw that balance (it is yours after all) it can be frustrating and hard to understand when it takes days to physically get your money.

  1. Your Request. Firstly, you request the withdrawal in your account. All that does is let the payment team know you want to withdraw that amount.
  2. Cancel/Reverse. A lot of casinos will then leave the money in a ‘pending’ state for anything up to 72 hours in the hope that you will get bored, click ‘reverse’ and play with the funds instead. I understand that casinos need to make money but I personally find this a really sneaky tactic. If casinos focused more on a good experience and service, then players are more likely to redeposit. No one likes to be forced or manipulated into losing their winnings.
  3. Verify. Most casino licenses do not allow casinos to payout to players who are not yet verified. Different casinos will have different processes, sometimes making a deposit with a credit card will suffice (as you must be over 18 to have one), others will request documents. This can be another lengthy process and often casinos drag this out, again, in the hope that you’ll cancel the withdrawal.
  4. Approve. Then, once all this faffing around and checking has been done, the payments team still need to physically ‘approve’ the payment and move the funds. Depending on the payment method you will either receive the funds instantly once approved (Skrill) or within 1-5 days (cards, bank transfer).
  5. Extra Delays. Some casinos (none which are listed here, luckily) will even tell you the funds have been approved and sent, when actually they haven’t. They’ll then wait another 48 hours before sending the money.


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