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Get up to €1500 in bonuses & 600 Free Spins at Spin Empire

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Get up to €1500 in bonuses & 600 Free Spins at SpinEmpire

It’s time to open up the gates and let the flood of Black Friday promotion goers get their moneys’ worth by handing out a down-right ridiculous amount of free spins to go along with a 4-part deposit bonus package, get your casino bonus code here!

The Spin Empire Bonus Calendar

The Spin Empire is a place of casino royalty, so wipe that schedule clean and grab your crown because there is a whole calendar month of bonuses awaiting you. But we’re not talking dainty capes and scepters, we are talking about the bosses, the tommy gun bearing gangsters of days passed who disregarded any silly law or copper getting in the way of the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel.

This is the persona you will take on at Spin Empire, you will be getting your hands dirty and earning each and every penny, in the prohibition era gambling with a stiff glass of whiskey would be a well-versed pastime. Another interesting tidbit while we are on the subject of the prohibition era, it’s the sole reason we have nascar racing today, as gangsters from that period would spend a lot of time modifying their cars as to be able to outrun the coppers.

Spin Empires bonus calendar works in similar ways to most bonus calendars, certain days will have unique bonus offers for that month and some will be recurring, you are informed of what’s coming up for the whole month forward and can plan your gaming accordingly.

Spin Empires Black Friday Bonus Codes

It’s Black Friday! This is synonymous in our time with huge deals, a chance for people to get some cool stuff for some even cooler prices. Spin Empire want to get in on the fun and are therefore offering their players 4 different bonus offers, some including free spins!

The way it works is players will be prompted to choose from one out of the four different deposit levels, each level will include a predetermined amount of free spins and a minimum deposit amount is what differentiates the different levels. The bonus system is set up as follows:

  • A minimum deposit of €50 will give players a 75% deposit bonus up to €200 with the bonus code: BFC75
  • A minimum deposit of €100 will give players a 100% deposit bonus up to €300 + 50 Free Spins with the bonus code: BFC100
  • A minimum deposit of €150 will give players a 125% deposit bonus up to €500 + 100 Free Spins with the bonus code: BFC125
  • A minimum deposit of €300 will give players a 150% deposit bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins with the bonus code: BFC150

For the latest bonus news and promotional offers, visit our Spin Empire review page to learn more.

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