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Getting the most out of a casino’s player support service

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Getting the most out of a casino's player support service

Casinos today are held to very high standards of customer care. In a world of instantaneous internet reviews, it is in a casino’s interest to make sure that players are completely happy with the services they receive. One way they do that is by offering a player support service, via a variety of different channels.

Today we are talking about the best way to get the most out the player support services available at online casinos, whether you’re only seeking clarification on something or trying to figure out the answer to a problem.

Choose the right channel

A lot of casinos will offer more than one support channel. The most ubiquitous of these are email, telephone and live chat. Some casinos offer a call-back service – you let them know you need a hand, usually via an online form, and they will give you a call on your mobile or landline.

Which channel is best for you? Well, that depends on the nature of your query. Live chat is probably the most responsive method and is great for both general queries and solving issues. If live chat is not available or you don’t require an answer quickly, email queries are perfectly acceptable means to get in touch. Phone support is helpful, particularly when your computer may not be performing at its best and live chat is not viable.

Whichever channel you choose, be sure to state your issue clearly and remain polite and cordial. Mostly because support agents are people too, just trying to do their jobs, but also because many casinos have a warning in their terms and conditions document against the verbal abuse of staff. Stay calm and clear, and your issue is more likely to be solved quickly.

Keep good records

This refers to both your interactions with support staff and for any hiccups in your gaming experience.

Slot game playing up? Take a couple of screenshots or even a video of the problem. Didn’t receive a confirmation email in good time? Take a screengrab of the notification, including the time in the corner of your screen.

When it comes to support communications, keeping a record means that any important details like case numbers or staff identification are on hand for next time, helping you and your assigned support agent to find the solution faster. Keep in mind that casinos keep meticulous details on all their games, players and game instances, but your records can help to make locating those records easier. Most live chat services include the option to send a transcript to your email. Save all email correspondence with support agents. It may be a tedious job but it will help you in the long run.

Have your documents in order

Casinos are bound by law to adhere to Know Your Customer (or KYC) regulations. This set of rules helps to counter crimes like money laundering and fraud. Players wishing to withdraw their winnings will have to meet KYC criteria first. This means showing the casino proof that you are who you say you are.

Usually, players will be asked to provide a scan of a form of government identification, such as passport or ID, one recent utility bill and a picture of the credit card being used, with all but the last few digits obscured.

In the interest of preventing delays – and, subsequently, requests for assistance – it is a good idea to get the KYC paperwork out of the way, even before you request a withdrawal. If you haven’t gone through this process yet, ensure that you have everything you need (and legible scans) ready to go for when they are needed.

Use a reputable casino

There are tonnes of professional, player-centred casinos out there that have made it their mission to offer top notch customer service. As with any industry, there are some bad apples out there that can ruin your fun.

The best advice is to read up on casinos before you join. Refer to our News section for up to the minute updates and reviews, so you can settle on a casino that works for you.

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