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Is this Goodbye to Casino Saga?!

Published on by Adam

Is this Goodbye to Casino Saga?!I’m sorry to say that the headline says it all- very soon, we could well be saying goodbye to well known and well loved Netent casino Casino Saga. They launched in 2014 and revolutionised online casinos with their ‘adventure casino’ set up, where players selected characters and explored new lands as they played, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Hang on, calm down, calm down! It’s only the name ‘Casino Saga’ we’re saying goodbye to- the site and adventure will continue as usual and, if anything, is only going to continue getting bigger, better and stronger.

It all started with an app. Remember when Candy Crush Saga first launched on Facebook and we all had to unfriend at least 5 people because they sent constant notifications trying to get you to click, endorse, join or whatever, just so they could get more lives and carry on wasting their days away on the game? Then when Candy Crush Saga launched as a mobile app and suddenly quick toilet visits turned into 30 minute breaks as people couldn’t resist having a play and would not come out until their days lives were used up?

Well now,, the company behind this bitter sweet phenomenon have decided that they want to trademark commonly used and internationally understood words such as ‘candy’ and ‘saga’. Never mind that such words existed and were widely used long before was created, long before any of the founders were even born; as far as they’re concerned, they own those words now and they wont allow anyone else to play. are giants, not only in the social gaming world, but in the entire business world, with a host of powerful people, powerful companies and even more powerful money behind them, meaning that, right or wrong, they’re pretty much always going to get their way. This is where Casino Saga comes in.

Regardless of the fact that Casino Saga is not a ‘game’ in it’s own right, regardless of the fact that it is nothing to do with Candy Crush, looks nothing like it, works nothing like it and is in no way taking any inspiration from them, are using their power to stop Casino Saga using the word ‘saga’ in their name.

Unfortunately, in a world where money talks, even though may be in the wrong, it’s not viable for Casino Saga to waste millions of euros and years of hard work on this fight. It would take away from the experience they’re able to offer their esteemed players, as they wouldn’t be able to focus on growing, improving and adding to their own site.

We have been quite reasonable with the aggressive approaches from King, trying to come to an agreement where we can keep our name but they are really bullying us. We could fight this to the bitter end but we want to focus on doing fun things for our players, not spend time and money on legal battles.”

Georg Westin, Casino Saga Founder

For this reason, Casino Saga have announced they will be taking the highroad and are looking to almost definitely rename the casino, so they can put this whole mess behind them and carry on giving their players what they want. At first I thought it was a bad idea to bow down to these playground bullies and let them get their way, but as a player myself, I can understand that they’re doing the right thing. Unlike, Casino Saga are thinking of their customers, the ones who make them who they are, and are more interested in making the players happy. That, dear readers, is a sign of dedication and more reason than ever to head on over to Casino Saga and show our support.

“At Casino Saga we have managed to create a great innovative product combining the thrill of winning money and what is fun with other types of games. The product and story line is based around casino games, dragons, treasures and missions making the usage of the word saga very valid. Also our product is quite different from the type of games created by King and the visual appearance is quite different.”

– Georg Westin, Casino Saga Founder.

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