Guts No Longer Accept German Players After Germany Breaches EU Regulations

Published on 15 February 2015 by Rhi

Guts No Longer Accept German Players After Germany Breaches EU RegulationsOnline gambling is a hot topic in Germany. Contrary to EU regulations and against the EU’s wishes, Germany deems all online gambling to be illegal, other than for casinos with a German license. However, Germany only issued licenses for a short time and since then have re-banned online gaming and refuse to issue any further licenses.

Luckily for players in Germany, the internet is hard to monitor and many online casinos still reach out and accept players, offering German support and websites in the German language. The German government may want to block all online gaming sites but so far many have been able to continue offering their services.

Players being Punished

Until now. In a shock move, Germany has reached a verdict where a player was fined for using a foreign gaming website. This is big news as it’s usually the casinos that are hit with fines and prosecution for breaking the rules and although they don’t like it, they’re mainly huge corporations with the money to pay or fight such verdicts. Players are another matter and when something like this happens, not only are players scared but casinos are up in arms too. They don’t want players, just normal people like you and I, being fined potentially thousands of euros just for choosing to play online.

Shutting Down Germany

For this reason, Guts have taken the huge step of shutting down in Germany completely, to ensure that they are not the cause of any players being treated in this way. They’re not happy about it and are vocal in their stance that this verdict from Germany directly contradicts EU regulations and they are confident that the verdict will be overturned. Until that time though, they are no longer accepting German players and will be closing all German player accounts that already exist.

Getting Your Money

German accounts at Guts will be blocked on February 16th 2015. Until that time, players are able to login and withdraw any funds they may have remaining and Guts will aim to processed these withdrawals ASAP. If you don’t manage to login and process the withdrawal before the account is locked, you can contact Guts via Live Chat or their support mail and this will be done for you.

We will wait with bated breath to see what comes next in this ridiculous saga.


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