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Health Benefits of Online Gaming

Published on by Adam

With the rapid advancement of technology and its stronger integration into our lives over the past few years, one area that has exploded is online gaming. Both younger generations who are born in the midst of a world that embraces gaming as well as older generations who saw this virtual world go through different stages play games. Online games come in all sorts and shapes ranging from casual quick fix puzzle games to complex online RPGs and team-based esports. One category of games that, on the surface, seems to fall on the casual side but has a certain gravity to it are online casino games. This sense weightedness comes from the fact that you are betting real money on them, and this ups the risk factor.

One of the questions that is asked more frequently is; “how do online slots impact our health?” or “are there any health benefits to be gained from playing them?” The answer is “yes”. In this article, we’ll try to put forward some examples to support this. While we will be looking at different forms of online gambling games, we’ll be focusing mainly on online slots. We’ll also introduce some games that support this claim. Read on to find out more.

Card Games Taking the Brain to Task

Games such as card-based ones are primarily classified as ‘entertainment’. This is, after all, what many casual players look for when they want to unwind. However, a less spoken-about phenomenon is that card games are also an adequate form of brain training. In traditional, real-life poker, a player must have a heightened sense of alertness. The player must plan his strategy carefully all the time while trying to read his opponents’ moves just by observing their outward actions.

How does this translate to automated online gaming? In the case of Blackjack online, the player must predict the house’s hand instantly with only little information to go on.

Then, Live online casino games have taken automated ones a big step in the direction of real-life ones by bridging the two. The challenge of such games boosts alertness, sharp and quick thinking, while also training memory.

NetEnt offers Live Blackjack at casinos such as Spinit and Rizk.

Winding Slot Reels to Wind Down

Slots have the opposite effect and benefit of card games mentioned above. While card games engage the brain actively, online slots allow players to disconnect from daily reality and the stress it carries, only to induce a state of flow through its repetitive nature as mentioned by the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. However, the state of disconnectedness is not a completely mindless one. There is a risk factor implied when you’re betting real money. This results in you, the player, being focused within that state of flow; a form of energised focus.

What’s more, online casino games lack the engrossing furnishing and architecture that land-based casinos feature. You simply play games online games from the comfort of your house or anywhere else, implying a sense of casualness. This helps add to the relaxing qualities even further.

This is why playing slots can help players relax and unwind, countering the risk of burnout and other negative effects caused by stress.

NetEnt Slots to Get You in the Flow


Health Benefits of Online GamingLights draws inspiration from the picturesque peaks of Guilin, China. The background in the game depicts these same mountains towering above a calm lake. Everything is set to a quieting music using ethnic Chinese instruments and piano, while fireflies flicker through the darkening sky. The game is a perfect choice for a quiet summer evening as it taps into Asian tradition and nature to create a tranquil atmosphere and feel.

You can play lights at SuperLenny


Health Benefits of Online GamingGlow transports us to a very different, and yet equally mystifying, location from Lights. Glow is set in to a background with a nocturnal and wintery forest with the Northern Lights glimmering in the background. The glowing animal symbols that are designed like animal totems accentuate further the forces of nature that are subtly present throughout the game. The music is a soft blend of choir voices and animal cries, tying up this bubble of natural energy that Glow delivers.

You can play Glow at Casumo


Health Benefits of Online GamingSparks is set in a dark purple space to a relaxing down-tempo electronic tune. What does the trick is symbols that resemble fireworks or neon lighting effects hand-drawn on the dark sky that looks like an empty canvas.

You can play Sparks at SlotsMillion

NRVNA: The NXT Xperience

Health Benefits of Online GamingNot very different from Sparks, NRVNA is set to a dark sky background, but one that has shimmering stars dotting it. The symbols are numbers, letters, and traditional fruit slot symbols, all made out of a glowing light. The futuristic feel it has is portrayed even more strongly by the slightly more upbeat yet still pacifying tune playing in the background

You can play NRVNA at Comeon!

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood & Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel

Health Benefits of Online GamingThese two adaptations of childhood classic fairy tales use both atmosphere and their themes to induce a flowy, relaxed state. Both of them are set in the woods – one at dusk, one at night – with shimmering stars, sparkling light effects, and a glowing fairy that appears in both stories. In both cases, every spin of the reel eggs the heroes of each respective story to continue their journeys through the forest. This also triggers a dreamy symphony to rise and fall.

Health Benefits of Online GamingThe theme, in both cases, helps us revisit the worlds of fairy tales we grew up with as children through animations and familiarisation with the characters that are at the centre of each respective story.

You can play both Fairytale Legends games at Mr Green

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