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Hide the table! The poker police is coming!

Published on by Adam

Play Netent poker games in Netent Casinos This weekend a remarkable article appeared in the Dutch newspapers  proving again some people better stick to playing (Netent) casino games in reliable Netent Casinos. Apparently a group of 6 people was arrested by Dutch police while playing a poker game in an abandoned house, suited with an apparently “genuine” poker table. They got into a quarrel and after the alarmed police arrived they were arrested on charges of breaking the law on illegal gaming and of course the table  was confiscated. This reminded me of my sister and I playing poker for peanuts when only kids at my mother’s kitchen table.

As a strict law obeying citizen and after reading the article I realized I had to contact my sister to discuss the possible consequences of our gaming behavior when we were young. She answered the phone quite grumpy: “What’s up?”. “Listen Sis, we need to talk…”, I said.

I told her in short about what I had just read and about my worries she still could be arrested for what had happened about 15-20 years ago… When she won all of my peanuts, toys, stamp and coin collections, marbles, Halloween (chocolate) candy (bars), last dimes and buttons during innumerous (apparently illegal) Black Jack, Hearts, Yahtzee, Poker, Backgammon, Craps, Monopoly, Mastermind and Heads or Tails gaming moments.

After I had finished relating she went quiet for just 2 seconds to reply with a big yawn: “Yo Bro, It’s 03:00 a.m., I’m in Kenya and I’ve got a big, important meeting tomorrow… Could you please ring me back this afternoon, 04:00 p.m. MY TIME, please?”.

I tried later that day but couldn’t get her on the phone again and all sorts of crazy thoughts started to pop up in my mind… Could it be the Dutch poker police has tracked her down? Could it be she’s, at this very moment, being pressurized to confess to the crime of “playing poker for peanuts” while, even more severe, she was under-aged?

Luckily this morning she called me asking: “Yo Bro, what was that all about the other night?”. “Nothing”, I lied, “just concerned about your well-being”. “Well, my “well-being” is better off without you bothering me in the middle of the night about any nonsense poker police or any silly arrests they make for a couple of people only playing a simple card game”, she said. “Im afraid it’s not that simple, Sis”, I said, and after some chit chatting about our respective lives, I was reassured and we hung up.

Of course the above is pure fiction, except for the poker game arrests that really happened this last weekend. Neither complete fiction is the hard to tell difference between my sister and I playing poker for peanuts at my mother’s kitchen table, and 6 people playing poker in an abandoned house on a professional poker table. Especially because the news article didn’t mention any money being involved or confiscated; maybe they were playing for peanuts too.

Fact remains the 6 poker players better visit one of the safe and secure Netent Casinos to play a Netent poker game or any other Netent casino game without having to bother about any quarrels, arrests, illegal gaming charges or whatsoever.

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