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Hit colossal wins on new Netent video slot Spiñata Grande soon!

Published on by Adam

New Netent video slot Spiñata Grande will soon let you hit it colossally!On Monday the 23-rd of March the new Netent video slot Spiñata Grande will ‘hit’ the Netent Casinos and especially by the more ‘aggressive’ fans of the Netent casino games this upcoming Netent video slot release is highly anticipated. 

Netent video slot Spiñata Grande aggression regulating program?

As most of our readers will know by now the personnel at the editorial offices of consists of extremely peaceful, non-violent and pacific people that probably would hurt the proverbial fly, only if at gunpoint they were forced to do so. When it comes to potentially ‘hitting it big’ in a Netent Casino however I’ve seen some of my colleagues instantly transform into the most ferocious and fearsome fighting machines that make even a ‘one-man army’ combat icon like Rambo look like a somewhat ‘assertive’ hippie.

Luckily Net Entertainment releases video slot Spiñata Grande on the 23-rd of this month and as this new video slot is (virtually) all about ‘hitting’ (it big), colossal punches and giant blows maybe its game play can help the most edgy of us to positively (and potentially very profitable) channel our surplus of noradrenalin and testosterone.

Everything ‘colossal’ about Netent video slot Spiñata Grande

Of course video slot Spiñata Grande is themed by the (Mexican) custom of (blindfolded) trying to hit a container or basket made of papier-mâché, cardboard, pottery or cloth with a stick or bat, to thus break the container and release the ‘riches’ that are hidden inside. However, this colorful and fun tradition (nowadays mostly taking place during commemorative celebrations and festivities) as theme of video slot Spiñata Grande is arguably only half of this video slot’s ‘story‘, just like only the first half of the video slot’s title refers to a ‘piñata’.

The other half, being ‘Grande’, refers to the fact everything about video slot Spiñata Grande is ‘big’ or rather ‘colossal’, as the following aspects of the game will show.

  • Firstly, all symbols on the reels during the main game can also appear as Colossal Symbols, meaning a ‘block’ of 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 symbols, all identical;
  • Secondly, Colossal Bonus Symbols (a block of 3 x 3 symbols) appearing during the main game trigger the Mini Slot feature which is basically a ‘slot within a slot’;
  • Thirdly, the Mini Slot feature can activate the game’s Free Spins mode in which also Colossal Wilds can appear, being a 3 x 3 block of only symbol substituting Wilds;
  • Lastly, and perhaps needless to explain, the above described Colossal Symbols, Colossal Bonus Symbols, Mini Slot feature, Free Spins mode and Colossal Wilds in video slot Spiñata Grande of course can supply the player with colossal coin wins.

Be ready for a colossal video slot Spiñata Grande Free Spins spanking!

It’s more than likely several of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos as listed on our website will hang a (colossal) Free Spins piñata in their virtual casino playground, for their players to start hitting video slot Spiñata Grande completely risk free. We therefore urge you to keep an eye on our news flashes over here the coming days that will tell you exactly where to pick up the Free Spins piñata stick and subsequently hit it… colossally.

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