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Homo Ludens?

Published on by Adam

Playing is knowingI’ve always considered myself as being a “Homo Ludens” which is Latin meaning “Playing Man”. But when people tell me I’m not a “Ludens” but a “Homo Sapiens”, a “knowing” man, my answer is always the same: “I don’t know if I’m a Homo Sapiens, but if I am, I must have been a Homo Ludens first”. That’s why nowadays when asked I consider myself as a “Homo Sapiens Ludens”, a “knowing man who plays” and regarding playing the Netent casino games in the Netent Casinos… fact is you can never know too much.

I was lucky to have a youth in which playing was considered to be a “right” for every child (as it should be) and I was even more lucky to be introduced to games at a very young age.

It started by watching my family members playing “klaverjassen” (a popular Dutch card playing game, derived from Bridge) because no family gathering would be complete without an “ad hoc” organized klaverjas tournament between uncles, aunts and grandparents.

That’s why from an early age on, my sister and I first learned how to play checkers (from our grandma), then the basics of klaverjassen (until we were old enough to notice grandma was deliberately cheating all the time, for us to be able to win), then from our parents we learned how to play Black Jack, Yahtzee (poker), Rummy, Hearts, Craps, Monopoly, Back Gammon and so on.

I can actually vividly remember how upset my then 10 year old sister was when in a Black Jack game she lost all her stack of peanuts on one single wager to my father, and, in the end successfully, tried to convince him to “double or nothing” on only half a peanut remaining …

Within 45 minutes she had not only won all of her peanuts back, with my father writing her an “IOU” of 2 walnuts (at that time worth a considerable 100 peanuts each, nowadays a little bit less than 4 coconuts), but we were also another slightly exaggerated, yet in essence true, family anecdote richer.

My childhood was “drenched” in game playing and it taught me, as well as my sister, some basic rules in life, among which are:

1) Never cheat;
2) The pleasure to play always comes before the pleasure of winning;
3) Never underestimate a half a peanut wager.

Both my sister and I thrived well on these principles because she eventually became responsible for the United Nations’ “World Food Program” and I, as you know, became responsible for bringing you the latest Netent, Netent Casino and Netent Casino bonuses news. So whether “Ludens” or “Sapiens”…playing is knowing and knowing how to play is everything.

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