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Improve your poker playing skills with Netent Joker Wild video poker

Published on by Adam

Netent video poker Joker Wild amusing and profitable poker gameAlthough not the oldest of all card games, because only developed starting from the 19-th century, the poker game surely can be called a “classic” casino game. Today the game is immensely popular and played all around the world in homes, clubs, casinos and on (international) poker tournaments, where is determined who’s got the best poker face and hands of the moment. If you’re aspiring a career as such a professional poker player you can also test your skills online in a Netent Casino and with the Netent Joker Wild video poker game.

All poker games, fromTexas Hold’em to the Stud-variants, have in common the “hands”, the card combinations you need to create with such renowned names as Royal Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House etc.
Also in the Netent video poker game Joker Wild you need to make these hands, but to help you a little bit they’ve added a Joker to the 52 card deck which acts as a Wild and replaces any other card to make a winning hand. In that way you can make the following hands in video poker Joker Wild:

Natural Royal Flush = Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, all for example Hearts
Five of a Kind = 5 equal cards, for example 4 Kings and the Joker
Royal Straight Flush = Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, all for example Hearts, but formed with the Joker
Straight Flush = 5 consecutive cards (without the Ace as highest), all for example Hearts (whether or not with a Joker)
Four of a Kind = 4 equal cards, for example four Kings (whether or not with a Joker)
Full House = 2 and 3 identical cards, for example two Kings en three Queens (whether or not with a Joker)
Flush = 5 cards of the same color, all for example Hearts (whether or not with a Joker)
Straight = 5 consecutive cards (whether or not with a Joker)
Three of a Kind = 3 equal cards, for example three Kings (whether or not with a Joker)
Two Pairs = 2 pairs of the same cards, for example two Kings and two Queens (whether or not with a Joker)
Kings or Better = 2 Kings or 2 Aces (whether or not with a Joker)

After in video poker Joker Wild you’ve set the bet level and the coin value you want to play with, 5 cards are dealt to you. The ones you think might provide you with one of the hands as described above you keep, whike the others are being replaced. If after this second dealing round you’ve got a winning hand, already with 2 Kings, you win a prize according to the value of that hand.

After each winning you can choose to gamble your prize in a game in which you have to guess if a dealt card will be red or black, which pays 2x your win, or to guess what suit the card will be which will payout 4x your win.

Especially because of the “bonus game” in video poker Joker Wild, but also because of the suspense of creating a winning poker hand the game is a very exciting poker based casino game that will surely help to better your poker skills.

The Netent video poker game can be further explored on the Joker Wild page in our online casino guide. It can be played for real money in several reliable Netent Casinos of which the iGame casino might be a good option.

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