An Introduction to the London Affiliate Conference (LAC)

Published on 29 January 2015 by Rhi

An Introduction to the London Affiliate Conference (LAC)You’re probably going to be reading a lot about LAC over the next week or so, so we thought we’d give you a little introduction to those 3 letters. L.A.C stands for the London Affiliate Conference. It’s held every year and is a chance for casinos and affiliates (like us!) to meet up, catch up and chat about what’s happening in the world of online gaming.

We bring to you reviews, facts and bonuses from a whole host of Netent casinos. In order to confidently give you truthful and informative reviews, to make sure we’re the first ones to bring you industry news and to make sure we can get our readers the biggest and best promotions, we have to build relationships with the casinos and we have to know what’s going on in their world.

LAC is a great chance for us to meet up with the biggest and best Netent casinos to find out what they’ve got planned for their players, and our readers, as the year goes on. It’s amazing for meeting with smaller, lesser known Netent casinos so we can determine if they good contenders in this soon saturated market, they can explain to us what they have to offer and why we should give them attention. And it gives us a chance to discover new casinos we hadn’t even heard of yet; find out which ones are planning to add Netent soon, which have just launched, so we’re always in the loop.

We’ll be in London for two days meeting with as many casinos as we can, to get the latest news and the 2015 plans, get some interviews and hopefully an exclusive promotion or two for our readers. We’ll take you along with us by sharing our experiences and the information we gather here in our news section.

This year will be the 9th annual London Affiliate Conference (LAC), which, last year, hosted 3400 people! That’s a serious event and one we absolutely would not miss. The event is organised by iGB (iGaming Business) who also run the iGB Affiliate Awards. We were nominated for the Best Casino Affiliate category and, due to all your kind votes, were even shortlisted for the award! The award ceremony will be held while we’re in London so we look forward (with excitement!) to see who takes the title! It’s my first ever time at LAC so I’m looking forward to seeing the casino exhibits and bringing you some great pictures and content from this prestigious yearly gaming conference.

You can even follow us around during our time at LAC by following us on Instagram! Just search “netentcasino” in the app and you’ll be able to see exclusive pictures and live updates!


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