It Pays to Stay With Casumo & Their 5 Deposit Reload Bonus

Published on 18 December 2015 by James

It Pays to Stay With Casumo & Their 5 Deposit Reload BonusIt’s great to try out new casinos, but sometimes one comes along that grabs your attention and has you coming back for more. Ever since we laid eyes on Casumo, we found it to be a warm and friendly place to play all the best slots online, and it just keeps getting better and better. With one of the most attractive website designs you will fine and a welcome bonus package that screams of generosity, there are loads of reasons why Casumo will become your new favourite casino.


We could spend a long time talking about the reasons why Casumo is one of the very best NetEnt casinos. It’s a leading light of the new breed of ‘adventure casinos’, which offer players a genuine ‘experience’ with characters, missions and storylines linked to gameplay. Adventure casinos have brought a new dimension to online gaming, and have proved a popular hit with players.

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting Casumo is how vibrant everything is. The site is bright and slick, with plenty of quirky characters bouncing around the place. It’s such a doddle to navigate around the Casumo world that you’ll feel at home almost immediately and we love how bold and clearly signposted everything. Even help sections and terms are clearly explained, typical of the ‘player-first’ attitude that predominates at Casumo but unfortunately doesn’t elsewhere.


Variety isn’t always the spice of life, and for most of us, when we find a comfortable home – we like to stick with it. Online casino players and no different, and there are some important advantages to finding a favourite casino like Casumo and sticking with it. You will ensure that:

  • You earn loyalty points and personalised rewards by becoming a loyal customer of a favourite casino, rather than spreading yourself thinly across several. This is particular relevant to adventure casinos, which offer multiple rewards for the completion of tasks and missing.
  • All your precious personal details are only stored in one location, rather than spread around the internet. You get added peace of mind knowing that the details are securely stored away at a casino you trust and use all the time.
  • You make yourself at home, and navigating your favourite casino becomes second nature. Like putting on your most comfortable pair of slippers or visiting your restaurant.
  • It’s unlikely that you will ever forget your log in details as you’ll be using the same ones every time you play.
  • You can avoid picking up a repetitive strain injury deleting hundreds of promo emails from all manner of casinos every day to stop your inbox going into meltdown.


It almost seems insufficient to describe the bonuses on offer to new players as a ‘welcome bonus package‘ because it keeps on going  and by the time you pick up the last of the reload bonuses on offer, you will feel like a seasoned member of the casino rather than a newbie. Indeed, there are no fewer that FIVE fantastic reload bonuses for you to snap up once you start depositing so it really does pay to come back time and time again.

Casumo will give you 10 no deposit free spins just for signing up, and then start you off with a 200% first deposit bonus up to 50%. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your gifts stop there, because they just keep on coming thick and fast on your next four deposits with:

  • A 50% bonus up to €150 on your second deposit
  • A 50% bonus up to €200 on your third deposit
  • A 25% bonus up to €400 on your fourth deposit
  • A 25% deposit up to €400 on your fifth deposit

There are a shed load of free spins on Starburst attached to the welcome bonus package too, so you really will feel right at home by the time you have worked your way through the full list of goodies. It definitely pays to keep coming back for more at Casumo.


It Pays to Stay With Casumo & Their 5 Deposit Reload BonusWho’d have thought that casino players were a competitive bunch, but my own pumping heart and raging adrenaline can confirm that that’s exactly what we are and there is nothing more fun than short, sharp races where players compete against each other, in real time, to gather the most points. Casumo is holding Reel Races throughout December that anyone can take part in. They take place every 30 minutes and last 20 minutes. You can see a countdown to the next race on the site and all you have to do is click ‘join’ to opt in. Wait for the counter and once it begins, start to play! As you play you’ll earn points.

For every winning spin you’ll receive 5 points, a big win will nab you 25 points, 3 wins in a row equals 50 points, 3 big winsIt Pays to Stay With Casumo & Their 5 Deposit Reload Bonus will reward you with 75 points and if you’re lucky enough to hit a Mega Win (30x your stake) you’ll get 100 points! There is a leaderboard on your left, updated in real time so you can see how you’re doing and see who you are competing against. The leaders, of course, gain prizes so the higher up the leaderboard you finish, the more free spins or cash prizes you can enjoy. The Main Event is every day at 20:00 and the top player will receive €100 in cash! The top 10 will all receive a cash prize to their account so get signed up, logged in and depositing so you can compete for some great prizes this festive season.


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