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iwCasino now with jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune on offer!

Published on by Adam

iwCasino now also has NetEnt jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune on offerAs the ‘little brother’ of Interwetten Casino (an online NetEnt Casino that started out exactly 25 years ago as a sports betting ‘by phone’ provider) iwCasino seems to be more focused on the subject of our mutual passion and interest… NetEnt casino gaming…

iwCasino almost perfect ‘online casino clone’

There’s a good chance that players who already knew Interwetten Casino (maybe even as a registered player) were quite ‘puzzled’ when they subsequently visited iwCasino…Was iwCasino simply a ‘make-over’ of the renowned Interwetten Casino or an independent online casino with virtually the same website, the same games on offer and of course the same high standards of quality in operating their online casino?

As we know now iwCasino indeed is a ‘stand-alone’ casino gaming establishment and the only real difference between the two NetEnt Casinos (apart from their respective names) seems to be that Interwetten (true to its origins) is still more focused on sports- and live sports betting while iwCasino is primarily directed to online ‘casino gaming’. This difference is by the way only visible in the way the tabs on their websites are arranged and the fact Interwetten also offers ‘virtual sports’ and iwCasino doesn’t.

But apart from these minimal variations the two NetEnt Casinos can be considered as ‘clones’ and even for a ‘hard-core’ NetEnt Casino ‘connoisseur’ like me it’s sometimes hard to keep track on which ‘Interwetten’ website I’m actually gaming.

iwCasino now also with a ‘local’ NetEnt jackpot game…

What sometimes is also fairly difficult to keep track on (with nowadays more than 150 NetEnt Casinos listed on our ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’) are the (minor) changes the casinos implement which apparently also was the case at some point at iwCasino. Because on the iwCasino review page on our site it’s still mentioned iwCasino doesn’t have any NetEnt games with a locally generated jackpot. And that’s not entirely (or actually not at all) according to the iwCasino ‘reality’ because iwCasino (as, by the way, also Interwetten) indeed has a NetEnt (local) jackpot game on offer which is jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune.

…and Interwetten also has a NetEnt Live Casino.

Another ‘error’ I’ve discovered is that Interwetten according to its casino review page on our website doesn’t have a NetEnt Live Casino while both Interwetten as well as iwCasino offer NetEnt Live Casino Roulette HD, Automatic NetEnt Live CasinoRoulette and a Low Limit and High Limit version of the NetEnt Live Casino Black Jack (both of course also in’HD’). On both websites of the casinos their NetEnt Live Casino can be found under the tab ‘Live Casino’ and is on these pages displayed as a ‘Premium Live Casino’.

The iwCasino and Interwetten casino reviews updated

As always when we discover a ‘flaw’ in the information on our website we immediately update the info and fix the inaccuracy. So by the time you read this article the casino review pages of both Interwetten and iwCasino are corrected and will display only factual data about the two NetEnt Casinos.

So if you’ve become curious about iwCasino and you want to find out what other NetEnt casino games this NetEnt Casino has on offer we advise you (as usual) to check out their (updated) iwCasino review page where you can find all (flawless) information about this online gaming establishment.

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