Ladbrokes Withdraws from Multiple European Markets

Published on 7 January 2015 by Rhi

Ladbrokes Withdraws from Multiple European MarketsLadbrokes have always been meticulous strategic planners and when it comes to which countries to operate in, they know their plan and stick to it, to the letter. Ladbrokes decided that they would focus on regulated European markets- countries where you need a specific license, usually from that countries governing body, in order to operate. These markets are attractive to a big player like Ladbrokes as it can be quite hard for newer, smaller casinos to afford the licenses, or meet the criteria, so competition in such markets is lower.

Also, having more licenses increases trust in a brand, as it shows they’re able to comply with strict regulations showing they’re reliable and serious about player safety- always an attractive quality in a casino!

Recently, 4 European markets- Russia, Finland, Portugal and Romania- announced they would be reviewing their current stance on online gaming and the frameworks within which casinos can operate in those countries. As Ladbrokes is keen to enter any regulated market, they have chosen to withdraw from those countries for now, in order to see how the situation lies once final decisions have been made.

This is a great idea as it means they’re not at risk of ‘upsetting’ the countries and their licensing bodies by operating there when the regulations are not yet clear, and they can take stock of the cost and rules, once they’re set in stone, to decide whether the markets are viable for them as a Netent casino giant.

If you’re a Ladbrokes customer from Russia, Finland, Portugal or Romania then this wont be news to you- Ladbrokes do things properly and have reached out to all players to explain what will happen, allowing them to reclaim any funds that may be in the accounts and to expect their closure in the very near future. It’ll be interesting to see which of these countries, if any, Ladbrokes decide to hop back into once the regulations are clearer and we’ll be the first to bring you that news once it breaks!


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