LaRomere’s Dropping 5EUR Into Their Cash Jar and Back Into Your Pocket.

Published on 7 May 2015 by Rhi

LaRomere's Dropping 5EUR Into Their Cash Jar and Back Into Your Pocket.From May 4th until May 18th, LaRomere will be taking €5 from every player deposit made and putting it in a cash jar. Then, after May 18th, the accumulated cash will be divided between 5 lucky winners. The joy of this is that firstly, you get to win a portion of your deposits back (plus a lot more!) and secondly, the total prize amount is totally endless! So long as players keep depositing, the amount in the cash jar will keep increasing.

How To Win the Cash in a Jar

The cash in the jar at LaRomere will be split between the top 5 players on their leaderboard. To get onto their leaderboard, you have to earn points and there are a number of ways to do this.


Your total daily deposits will be tallied up to add points to your account. For every day where you deposit at least €100, you will earn yourself points;

  • Daily deposits of €100 – €199.99 = 50 Points
  • Daily deposits of €200 – €299.99 = 100 Points
  • Daily deposits of €300 – €399.99 = 150 Points
  • Daily deposits of €400 – €499.99 = 200 Points
  • Daily deposits of €500+ = 250 Points


For every €500 wagered per day, you will earn yourself 500 points. The points are added in increments of 500, so you wont earn a point per € wagered, just 500 once you hit €500. This is great as it’s applicable for any player. It’s not dependant on how much you deposit, so even those of you who like to deposit amounts < €100 can still hit this wagering. It’s super easy to win large amounts from small stakes on Netent games so even if you deposit €20 in a day, it’s still very possible to wager more than €500 and get your points!

The Cash Prize

Every time a player deposits within the promotional period €5 will be taken and added to the cash jar- you still get it in your account to pay with of course, but LaRomere will also add that amount to the jar. Then, on May 18th the total cash will be divided amongst the top 5 players on the points leaderboard.

  1. 1st Place: 50%
  2. 2nd Place: 20%
  3. 3rd Place: 15%
  4. 4th Place: 10%
  5. 5th Place: 5%.

5% may not sound like much, but when the cash prize isn’t capped and can grow to any amount it really can add up, so make sure to get your name on that board.

Pssst… Free Spins Too!

As a consolation prize, players in positions 6-10 will find themselves credited with some Free Spins by way of a runner up prize too.

Sign Up Now

If you’re not already playing on LaRomere, make sure to signup soon to enter into the Cash in a Jar promotion and hopefully get back some of your own deposits (plus a load more too!). New players will enjoy a generous 100% Deposit Bonus up to €150 plus 25 Free Spins on everyone’s favourite explorer, Gonzo’s Quest. Signup today by visiting our LaRomere fact page and clicking “Visit LaRomere!”


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