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Last chance to win Netent jackpot before new Netent jackpot arrives!

Published on by Adam

Video slot Cosmic Fortune new Netent jackpot game upcoming! The newest Netent jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune is upcoming but while we only can say ‘hello’ to this new Netent game over 9 days, we already have to say ‘goodbye’ to 8 local Netent jackpot games the day after tomorrow.

Sometimes something old and well-known needs to be ‘offered’ to subsequently make room for something new and exciting to be happening.

This is the case with 8 Netent jackpot casino games that will cease to be available in the Netent Casinos as they are replaced by the upcoming new jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune.

Video slot Cosmic Fortune with 5 jackpots

As you probably already know video slot Cosmic Fortune has 5 jackpots to be won:

  • 3 progressive (locally generated) jackpots: the Midi, Major and Mega jackpot
  • 2 fixed jackpots: the Rapid and Mini jackpot

So in a way we actually only ‘loose’ 3 jackpots, as all disappearing games only have one progressive jackpot (instead of 2 or even 3 like in some other Netent jackpot video slots) and, by the way, all these jackpots are also locally accumulated by a percentage of every bet on the game made by players in only one casino.

Which Netent jackpot games will be replaced?

The games that will be substituted by video slot Cosmic Fortune are:

  • Scratchcard Triple Wins Jackpot
  • Scratchcard Triple Wins Jackpot Platinum
  • Video slot Fishy Fortune
  • Classic slot Gold Rush
  • Mini classic slot Vault Assault
  • Mini classic slot Cash Bomb
  • Virtual horse race game Golden Derby
  • Bingo game Netent Bingo

IMPORTANT: although Cosmic Fortune jackpot video slot only will be released on the 24-th of November 2015 (as stated above 9 days from today), the 8 games will already be deactivated on the 17 of November 2015 and thus not playable anymore in the various Netent Casinos that offer one or more of these games.

What will happen with the existing jackpots?

That’s a very, VERY, interesting question because of course these accumulated jackpot amounts on the games in the different Netent Casinos aren’t ‘lost’ and gone forever. That wouldn’t be fair as, after all, the players that played the game in one particular Netent Casino have all contributed to its jackpot and therefore should still have the possibility to win it.

This is done by transferring all the existing jackpot amounts (from the disappearing jackpot games in a specific Netent Casino) to the 3 progressive jackpots of video slot Cosmic Fortune. So by playing this new game players that have contributed to the old jackpot games still have a chance to win back their ‘donations’.

Which Netent Casino will start with the highest video slot Cosmic Fortune jackpots?

According to above described arrangement regarding the transfer of jackpot amounts to the jackpots of video slot Cosmic Fortune every Netent Casino will launch the game with different jackpot amounts. So the question then is… which Netent Casino will start with the highest jackpot to be won?

Keep track on our video slot Cosmic Fortune jackpot news!

In the days leading to the release of Netent jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune it’s absolutely recommendable you keep a close eye on our news flashes because here you’ll read in which Netent Casinos you need to play the game to maybe win the highest (and first) Cosmic Fortune video slot Mega jackpot.

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