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Final NetEnt The Challenge is Here – Will the Team Reach “The Peak”!?

Published on by Adam

It’s been 6 weeks since NetEnt first announced their innovative new web-programme The Challenge, and we’ve followed the series all the way from finding out who the (un)lucky 4 makeshift mountaineers are to where we are now – the last final push. It’s been a trying yet enjoyable experience for Alice, Dhiraj, Averil and Tomas, as they’ve overcome most of the odds to be where they are right now.

The team is facing a 37-degree slope, dangerous conditions and optimal avalanche terrain. Welcome to The Challenge! – Mimmi

However, will they manage to place that NetEnt flag at the top easily, or will some last-minute jitters spoil the party? There’s only one way to find out!

Click the video above to play the final NetEnt The Challenge episode, The Peak, and read our summary below.

As the Mountain Steepens, That Crucial Training Comes in Handy

We start where the we left the quarter just 7 days prior, with the Alps mountain becoming more difficult. To highlight just how much more challenging it has become, The Challenge episode 8 opens up with a tricky rock climbing scene which puts our team’s skills to the test.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the team were first introduced to their tools? Bet they’re glad to have had the practice now!

The part that’s ahead of us, the steep part, for me is going to be fun. This is what I’ve been waiting for – Tomas

Using the help and encouragement of the experienced guides, the team manage to scale this particularly difficult section with few issues. Averil comments on the NetEnt team’s overall support being hugely effective in her quest to just keep pushing to the top, with Tomas echoing similar sentiments.

Tomas is Responsible for Those Beautiful Visuals You See in NetEnt Games

The final Life at NetEnt segment focuses on our 4th and final mountaineer – Tomas! He’s an art director at the company and states that this involves being “responsible for the visuals of a game, so how it will look in the end, basically”. It’s a position of responsibility too, with Tomas been required to delegate tasks to other team members in order for the best video slots to be published.

I’m not gonna say I’m a man of many talents, but I’m a man that wants to have many talents!

On a personal level, Tomas is particularly active and adventurous. Commenting on many people liking either sports, video games or art, for example, he states that he’s a fan of “sports, art and video games”! For NetEnt in particular, the creative freedom is something he’s delighted with, explaining his pride in seeing something go from “being nothing to this beautiful finished thing”.

He concludes by showing his admiration for NetEnt employees as a whole, insisting that it’s much easier to go to work when it’s with people that you like!

One Final Last Push, Will the NetEnt Flag Reach the Top..!?

The gradient just keeps getting tougher and tougher for the team, with some expressing their angst at the drop below! The threat of an avalanche is clearly on their minds too, but there’s not a whiff of potential meltdown whatsoever – they’re all determined to see it through.

It will be a huge sense of accomplishment, knowing that it’s not really the mountain that I conquered but myself – Averil

After a quick pit stop to refuel, there’s one final push…and they’re there! Not only have the team managed to make it to the top, the breathtaking views on show are a worthy reward for their efforts. After sharing an embrace, the team place the NetEnt flag at the top of the mountain to symbolise the Swedish game designer’s journey.

The flag has the company’s “Better Mondays” slogan written on it too, highlighting that no day is the same at the world’s best slot designer.

When I feel very happy, I do two things – I thank god and do that [points to the skies!] – Dhiraj

The last comment appropriately goes to Tomas, who joking says “let’s take the lift down”.

Well done on a fantastic accomplishment, NetEnt!

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