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LeoVegas Donates €1 Per Like to Cecil the Lion

Published on by Adam

LeoVegas Donates €1 Per Like to Cecil the LionIf you have been active on Facebook or basically any other social media platform, you will be aware of the events that transpired just outside of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This is what LeoVegas have done to shed light on it.

Cecil the Lion Wiki

The recent shame and damnation brought against the killer of Cecil the Lion is considered just and social media has exploded the story of the events that transpired as of a few days ago. The summary of what has happened is that a dentist by the name of Walter James Palmer paid $50,000 to be taken on a hunt with a professional trophy big-game hunter in the Zimbabwean wild. He paid this of course with the intention to kill a lion as a trophy, not an unheard of occurrence in different areas of Africa. Cecil the Lion was under protection with the rest of his tribe by armed guards within the confinements of the Hwange National Park. To avoid this hindrance, Walter James Palmer allegedly lured Cecil the Lion out of the safety of the national park as to shot and wound the animal, resulting in a 40 hour hunt which ended with the dentist finishing off the majestic animal with his rifle. A heinous act indeed.

Depending on how you view the situation, it may have a silver lining. Disregarding the disgusting actions of the dentist and the government officials who facilitated the kill, the backlash of the social media posts made to flaunt his kill resulted in people becoming more informed on the situation and the fact that things like this happen regularly. By causing such an outrage, Walter James Palmer has been forced to close down his practice due to the sheer outrage of the local residents after hearing about his actions.

LeoVegas’ Initiative for Cecil the Lion

As previously mentioned this disgusting display of masochism isn’t uncommon and is the reason that lion populations are steadily dwindling at less than 20,000 lions alive in Africa. Although we can see some efforts being made in response to this news, LeoVegas have started an initiative on Facebook where they have promised to grant 10 SEK (equivalent value to €1) for each like they receive on their post to LionAlert – An organisation dedicated to the preservation of African lions.


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