Let’s Get to Know Karamba Casino

Published on 15 January 2016 by Rhi

Let's Get to Know Karamba CasinoKaramba is a casino brand that has been around for a while now, having first opened it’s virtual doors back in 2005, so it’s understandable that they have learnt, grown and changed during their many years. It’s been a consistently strong brand, always attracting new players and managing to keep them interested once they have joined, ensuring that their name and brand have become synonymous with having a great time.

We got in touch with the brains behind the brand to see how they’re getting on and what can be expected in 2016.

In April this year, Karamba re-launched with a new logo, slogan, design and new promotions. Has the change been successful?

Today, almost 9 months after the re-branded launch of Karamba, we can safely say that the launch has been a mind-blowing success for us.

Keep in mind that our task was far more challenging than a simple rebrand. There were many risks involved in taking our already successful site with its existing strong player base, and giving it a complete 180ᵒ twist.

BUT – Our players were not deterred by the change – quite the opposite! They responded very enthusiastically to our new concept and look and feel. We were also overwhelmed by the response of new players, as the count of new “Karamba Party People” (as we call our players) significantly increased from the get-go!

We feel that this is because we put a lot of effort into in-depth research prior to the rebrand. We studied our players and their preferences, analysed our target audience, and tested various options from brand concept to brand colours and text. This tedious work certainly paid off as our players not only stayed with the brand, but sending us feedback on their positive experiences at the new-look Karamba.

Let's Get to Know Karamba Casino

The new slogan is “Let’s go Karamba’, why was Karamba chosen as name of the casino in the first place?

Because when you’re excited or surprised, the “Karamba” cry is one of the most recognisable cries in the world, used by the likes of Bart Simpson, Speedy Gonzales and even Hitchcock. This was a perfect fit to the atmosphere we wanted to create when you have fun and win, this cry of joy is more relevant than ever!

In turn, we created our catchphrase “LET’S GO KARAMBA!” – Which is used as is, to unify all our Karamba Party People worldwide. It means everything from let’s go wild, let’s go party, let’s go crazy… whatever the go-to phrase is for each individual player to get themselves pumped up, “Let’s go Karamba” has it covered!

Why did you choose the parrot as your mascot?

When we were researching what our players would like from our all new brand, we sent out surveys with our ideas amongst many other strategies, and this lovely blue feathered friend was a firm favourite with our players. They found it fun, friendly and with a cheeky side – which is what we were going for.

We wanted a character that could be animated yet mature, and that our players could relate to. His name is not Karamba (but will be revealed in time…) but he is part of the all new Karamba universe that we’ve created. Our players know him as another one of our “party people”, and they know that no one gets more excited about our offers and promotions than he does- and they know his excitement is highly contagious. He’s a fun character that gives away tips and helps them enhance their play time.

Could you tell us more about the process of coming to this result?

We pride ourselves on being consistent with everything we do. We speak to the players like we do to our friends, meaning we chat and have fun with them, rather than talk at them.

We’re very open with everything we say, and make sure we maintain the fun language we have developed. The aim of our game is to make our players smile, and then enjoy our fun offers and promos. We’re aspiring to create an emotional connection through our activities, giving our players something to look forward to everyday.

Fairness, Fun and Celebration are your keywords. How were the players be able to see these three aspects back during this past December month? And in general? In other words, which promotions can they expect?

Throughout December we have been running a huge month long Christmas promotion, where players could win a variety of gifts which got bigger as the players played more: from free spins up to a €300 Amazon voucher – on top of festive daily offers. To be absolutely transparent and fair we created an interactive inner page which was personalised for each player, showing them where they are in the promotion with full details of each offer.

In the upcoming year, Karamba has loads of fun coming up, but we can’t divulge too much too soon:) But I think it’s safe to say that with big events such as the 2016 Olympics coming up, there’s going to be a huge party atmosphere where all players will “Go Karamba!”



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