Make the Most of Bad Customer Service: Skrill

Published on 14 October 2014 by Rhi

Make the Most of Bad Customer Service: SkrillI really don’t enjoy having to write anything negative about other companies- I know problems are inevitable, but good customer service should be the foundation of any company. When that fails, it’s a big deal. Skrill are an e-wallet service, renowned for their terrible customer service and in my experience, it really is awful.

The idea of their service is great. You open an account with Skrill and use them as an online wallet. You can attach your cards and/or bank account and top the account up with money, which you can then use to deposit to online casinos. This saves entering your long card details each time you sign up to a new casino, which saves a lot of time, and it means your card details are only stored by one company, rather than multiple servers.

It’s faster, easier and, in theory, safer. But, when something goes wrong, you need to know that they are there to help you, and that simply isn’t the case with Skrill.

Skrill Contact Details

Firstly, they make it as hard as possible to find their contact details.

Skrill Social Media

Don’t bother with their twitter or facebook (linked on their homepage), they simply wont reply. They do sometimes respond on their @Ask_Skrill twitter, but they don’t seem to understand how Twitter works and chances are, if they do reply, they wont @ you properly, so you wont see it unless you constantly check their feed.

Creating a Skrill Ticket

You are able to create a ticket when logged into your account via the Contact link at the bottom of the page, but when doing this they either will not respond, or will give you a standard template response which rarely addresses the issue.

Email Skrill

You can email them via [email protected] but I’ve never once had a response from this email address. I know others have had one response, which didn’t fully resolve their issue, and when the customer responded back, they never heard anything more. Worth a try, but don’t expect a full resolution.

Calling Skrill

You can call Skrill on their support telephone line +44 203 514 5562 but in my experience they either don’t pick up the phone at all, or they will simply hang up on you if you ask them a question that they don’t know the answer to (I’m serious!)

They also have a VIP number, which, if you’re not getting a response anywhere else, you should try to call +44 203 608 1405 however they also hung up on me, even though I remained completely friendly and polite. The message on the phone claims these people are ‘VIP Account Managers’ but after dealing with VIP customers myself, I know an actual VIP Account Manager would never hang up.

Request a Call Back

Skrill do have a cool feature on their VIP support page where you can click ‘Request a Call Back’. I’ve tried this 6 times. Once, someone called me back. The other 5 times, nothing. Even when they did call me back, the agent claimed they were completely unable to help and didn’t offer to put me through to someone who could help, or offer any assistance what so ever.

Tips for Getting Help from Skrill

  1. Always remain polite. They’re not very helpful in general, but will be even less inclined to help if you are rude, shouting, swearing or abusive. Retain the moral high ground at all times.
  2. Try all avenues. Try all of the methods above to try and get a resolution to your problem. The more avenues you try, the more likely you are to get a response and, if not, it’ll help later on when it comes to making a complaint.
  3. If you aren’t able to get any answers, or no one has been able to resolve your issue after 2 days, begin requesting a manager. Call up and don’t even explain your issue, calmly ask to be transferred to a manager. If they refuse or ask why, explain you’ve already been through this with agents and now you have no option but to speak with a manager.
  4. If they pass you through to someone else who can’t/wont help, then request to speak to their manager. Go higher and higher until you have a satisfactory resolution.
  5. Complain to their regulators. On the bottom of the Skrill website it gives you their regulators and their registration number. Go to their regulator website and call or email them, explain the situation, explain that Skrill are not able to help. But remember- in order for them to take your complaint seriously, you must have gone through all other avenues first. Have email proof, call history in your phone and so on.
  6. Contact the casino. Even if the Skrill issue is a withdrawal from Skrill (and therefore nothing to do with the casino), try it. Contact any casino you’ve previously used Skrill with. Explain your issue and ask them to pass to their payments team. The casinos will have personal contacts at Skrill who are of a higher level and more able to assist. Casinos are also much more careful with their customer care and are more likely to go that extra mile. This isn’t ideal, however it’s my firm belief that Skrill are dealing with our money. It’s not theirs. They are offering a service (which they charge for!) and have no right (unless they detect suspicious activity) to withhold funds. Therefore, if their customer support team is unhelpful, rude and unwilling to support customers, we have no choice but to take drastic action.

The e-wallet is a great method for depositing into online casinos, I would never take away from that – despite some casinos not allowing Skrill as a deposit method for players who wish to collect their welcome bonus. Their issues arise if and when you win and want to take the money back to your bank account. 9 times out of 10 this will go smoothly, however they need to learn that they must assist customers on the 10th occasion when something goes wrong.


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