Make EnergyCasino Your Guilty Pleasure- Without the Guilt

Published on 20 August 2015 by Rhi

The first time I saw this video commercial from EnergyCasino I really didn’t get it. The guy just seemed like a real tool. But having watched it a few times I now understand it’s supposed to be a comical take on the idea that playing casino is a ‘guilty pleasure’ and people genuinely feel guilty, or embarrassed, or like they have to hide the fact they enjoy it.

The video shows the EnergyCasino lover committing actually very heinous acts (he kicks over a homeless mans change pot, then smacks the bottom of a passing woman) during the day and feeling no guilt. He then goes home, checks no one is outside, turns off all the lights and generally appears to feel guilt for playing slots online. He feels no guilt when he should, and guilt when he should not.

EnergyCasino are very openly targeting men on their casino as depicted in this ‘man about town’ video and their EnergyGirls calendar, so if you’re a bloke who sometimes feels guilty about playing slots, hopefully this can make you rethink. Playing casino online is fun and there is nothing to be ashamed about. So long as you stay within your own budget and limits, it’s no more expensive or ‘risky’ than any other hobby (they all cost money!) and can even end up being pretty profitable!


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